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Dogs Adopted in May 2006

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 Dogs Adopted in May 2006

  Bella, 2-3 yrs old Female Border Collie  Mix     Adopted

Available after May 16. This little girl is precious. She is approximately 2 to 3 years old (vet thought younger), has had a litter of pups already, and at 35 lbs. is full grown. She is a little shy at first, but warms up nicely

  Cody, 10 months Male Border Collie / Shepherd  Mix     Adopted
Cody Cody

Cody is a 10 month old Border Collie mix who is the sweetest dog on the planet. He has a beautiful shiney black coat and is very playful. He is active, but mellow in the house. He walks beautifully on leash and is crate trained. He is afraid of some men so he will need more work on socialization. This is because he was with his littermates until he was 8 months old, lived in a rural environment so he didn't get out much in terms of socializing with people. He is wonderful with women, friendly to kids, loves other dogs and would probably be fine with cats. He would love another dog to play with and would flourish in a fenced in back yard.

  Eddie, 9 mo. Male Yorkie / Shih Tzu  Mix     Adopted

Eddie is and adorable yorkie/shih tzu mix, 9 months old, who was not socialized properly so far during his life.

Subsequently, he is very uncomfortable/afraid of new people and new situations (he was isolated in the home and rarely taken out, and then for occassional walks, no real exposure to other dogs and people) and had very little training.

He is very sweet, however, and eager to please. He just needs training and socialization to become a wonderful companion in his new home. We are looking for an adopter who has had experience (already socialized an unsocialized dog/puppy previously) and who has a behaviorist ready to work with. We will not adopt Eddie to a family with young children (older teens ok)

  Ella, 6 mo. old Female Lab / Hound  Mix     Adopted

Ella is a six month old female lab/hound mix who is a sweet dog, playful with other dogs and good with cats and kids. She will be available after 5/16/06.

  Emma, 6 mo. old Female Lab / Hound  Mix     Adopted

Emma is a six month old lab/hound mix who is a real sweet dog. She loves other dogs and is good with cats and kids. She will be available after May 16th.

  Gus, 18 mo. Male Great Pyrennes / Golden  Mix     Adopted

This big boy is Gus. He's a recently neutered 18 month old Great Pyrennes/Golden mix. He already knows sit and is a dog who came to us as a stray from WV. He will need someone with large breed experience who can give him the leadership that large dogs need. He gets along with dogs and cats and is great with kids, but please teens only as he is very large.

  Lucy, 15 weeks Female Lab / Shepherd mix  Mix     Adopted

Lucy is a lovely 15 week old /Lab/Shepherd mix puppy who came to us along with her littermates. She was a happy healthy puppy with a good appetite, but she had an adverse reaction to the anasthesia during her spay surgery and took longer to wake up. All her tests came back negative so she will just need to be watched if she has surgery. She has been in a foster home and is house trained and she loves the other dog in the house so it would be great if she had a dog to play with. She is playful, loves toys, loves the outside, loves ball, loves her crate, is an all around very easy puppy.

  Parker, 2-3 yrs Male Border Collie / Shepherd  Mix     Adopted
Parker Parker

Meet Parker! He is a Border Collie/Shepherd mix who is between 2 and 3 yrs old. He weighs between 50 lbs and is extremely laid back and EXTREMELY SMART. He has obviously lived on his own in a past life as he is very resourceful. He is a very unique dog who is worth finding a unique owner. He has some irritable bowel problems that we are trying to figure out so he would be a good candiate for the all raw diet. He doesn't seem to need to go to the bathroom much but that may change as he eats better and puts more weight on. He's very thin right now and a somewhat picky eater.

Parker is an extremely calm dog and would be fine with a full time worker but he would be great for a retiree too as long as you aren't the type who likes to pound on a dog to pat him as he is very sensitive due to some buckshot in his hind quarters.

He is very good with other dogs but mostly ignores them as he likes to sun himself and smell the fresh air. He nicely takes treats nicely. We are unsure of how he would be with cats. Whoever adopts him will have a gem of a dog!

  Sasha, 3 yr old Female Collie  Mix     Adopted

Sasha is a 3 year old spayed female Collie mix who was rescued as a stray but she seems like a nice house dog. She is a bit of a couch potato and loves to sit at your feet or go for a walk. She has a gorgeous coat, which will need some maintenance, but she is well worth being treated like a princess. She gets along with dogs (although she sniffs and then ignores them), cats, and kids

  Vicky, 7 months Female Beagle    Adopted

Vicky is a very petite 7 months old female beagle who didn't make it as a hunting dog and she was too tiny to breed. She is full of energy and adorable. Great for a family.

Please read our puppy adoption requirements before applying. No more than 3 hours alone total for the day and fencing is required for families with kids.

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