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Dogs Adopted in October 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in October, 2002

 Toby, 6 month old male German Shepherd pup    Adopted
Toby is a young male German Shepherd pup. He looks mostly Shepherd except for the floppy ears. He is just full of fun and play. He would be great with a family with kids (except might knock over little ones). He loves to play with other dogs. He's also very smart and learned to sit in one session. He is not overly zealous, but really calms down. He's just got a SUPER personality.

Read his Success Story

 Erin, 1 year old female Scotty mix    Adopted
Erin just finished nursing a large litter of pups and was a very diligent and loving mom who put her all into caring for her pups. She was a wonderful mom and now needs to know life is hers alone, and one to give to a family that will dote on her. She loves car rides, is at ease with other dogs and indifferent to the resident cat in her foster home. A dog with few demands, quiet and happy to sit out in the sun... walks really well on leash too.

Renamed Peggy. Read her Success Story

 Reba, 8 week old Female Scotty terrier mix.    Adopted
Reba is one of Erin's puppies. Mom is a fifteen pound dog so they shouldn't get too much bigger than 20-25 lbs. depending on what they're mixed with. They are of the shedding variety.

Renamed Abby. Read her Success Story

 Samantha, 8 week old Female Scotty terrier mix.    Adopted
Samantha is one of Erin's puppies. Mom is a fifteen pound dog so they shouldn't get too much bigger than 20-25 lbs. depending on what they're mixed with. They are of the shedding variety.

Renamed Fresca. Read her Success Story

 Matt, 8 week old Male Scotty terrier mix.    Adopted
  Matt is one of Erin's puppies. Mom is a fifteen pound dog so they shouldn't get too much bigger than 20-25 lbs. depending on what they're mixed with. They are of the shedding variety.

Renamed Mulligan. Read his Success Story

 Dan, 8 week old Male Scotty terrier mix.    Adopted
  Dan is one of Erin's puppies. Mom is a fifteen pound dog so they shouldn't get too much bigger than 20-25 lbs. depending on what they're mixed with. They are of the shedding variety.

Renamed Timmy. Read his Success Story

 Nebuchadnezzar, 5 mos old Male Lab/Terrier mix    Adopted
How about this face? Wouldn't you like to see it everyday? Nebuchadnezzar hopes so! Neb came to the shelter with his 2 siblings. His Mom is a Labrador Retriever and Dad is some type of Wirehaired Terrier. Neb's coat is more like a Lab, but you can see the Terrier influence in his cute face. He is a playful, energetic puppy who loves toys. Give him a toy, and he is a happy guy.

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 Dylan, 8 Week old Male Lab/Shepherd/Husky mix    Adopted

Renamed Tank. Read his Success Story

 Lola, 9 weeks old female Lab/shep/beagle mix    Adopted
This little sweetie is Lola. We are guessing that her breed mixes are Beagle and German Shepherd. We think she will be about 30 - 35 lbs when fully grown. Lola came to the shelter with her sister Fresca. She is a social puppy who is very happy and outgoing. She is lots of fun and enjoys playing. She is fine with other dogs too. Lola will be a super companion. She just wants a home where she is loved and can love in return.

Read her Success Story

 Fresca, 9 weeks old female Lab/shep/beagle mix    Adopted
Isn't this the cutest face? Fresca is just adorable with her big, beautiful brown eyes. They just beg for love and are hard to resist. We are not sure of Fresca's breed mix, but are guessing Beagle and German Shepherd, with maybe some type of Retriever thrown in. We are guessing she will be 30 - 35 lbs when fully grown. She has an outgoing personality and is full of life. She loves to play and is lots of fun. She is friendly and gets along with all people. She enjoys other dogs too.

Renamed Taylor. Read her Success Story

 Zeus, 1 year old Lab mix male    Adopted
Zeus has been successfully treated for heartworm and is back to his playful puppy self. He is a handsome boy who loves people and kids. He is housebroken and a perfect gentlemen in the house and on long car rides. He knows a few commands and is eager to please. He would love to be trained. He is a real sweetheart, loves human companionship (thinks he is a lap dog).

Read his Success Story

Titus, 5 year old Peke male

Titus is a five year old Peke male whose owner became ill and gave him to a friend who is not allowed dogs. He's a little guy who will be available after neutering. He seems friendly, but a little sad right now. Adopted

Penny, 8 mo. old female Spaniel mix

Penny is an adorable female Spaniel mix who is under a year. She's a little timid at first, but when she warms up is playful and friendly. Because she's small she's a little overwhelmed in the kennel where we're boarding her. We expect she will warm up quickly once she's in a home. No young children as we don't have a history on her and she is a little reserved at first. She is playful with other dogs. She plays with Norton and Ralph. Adopted!

Ralph, 2-3 year old Griffon male

Ralph  is a stray who came in with brother Norton. Both are recently neutered, playful, and just want attention. They do not need to be placed together, but would each probably do well with other dogs. Ralph will sit for treats and is absolutely a sweet heart of a dog. Older kids would have a lot of fun training him. Because he was a stray it's against our policies to send them home with young children.Adopted

Disney, 1 yr old Cattle/collie female

Disney is a beautiful spayed female cattle dog/collie mix. She is the smartest dog we've come across in a long time. If you're into training and want a dog you can show off, she's the one. She's very athletic, medium-sized, not pushy, catches on in a heart-beat, praise-oriented, what more can we say. She likes kids, dogs, and adults. Not afraid of men or anyone. Just an all-around great dog Adopted!

Erin's Pups, All are ADOPTED!

These are Erin's puppies. They have already been altered and have had first shots and are ready to go home. We have had them for about a month now, so they're weaned and healthy. Several had bouts of a viral infection but they are strong and ready for homes. Please be a stay-at-home with kids old enough not to hurt a puppy (at least 10 as these are small puppies). Mom is a fifteen pound dog so these will not get too much bigger than 20-25 lbs. depending on what they're mixed with. The are of the shedding variety.





Sadie, 1 year old Lab mix female

Sadie is a sweet yellow lab female. She is friendly to people and submissive to other dogs. She is very people focused and loves to be with you. She just want to climb in your lap and lick your face. She's a nice medium-sized dog. She was recently diagnosed with heart worm so will need a quiet home initially. She is happy to just lie around in the house and is not a chewer so she will not need to be crated. She's also housebroken and has learned how to use the doggy door. She resides in a foster home with other dogs currently, but does not play with them. She' prefers people over dogs. Adopted

8 Week old Lab and Shepherd/Husky pups

These cute little lab and husky mix puppies all have adoptions in progress. We have more lab puppies coming in as well as lab/shepherd and border collie puppies.  WE DO NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS ON PUPPIES. Please fill out an application if you want to be considered for a puppy coming in or come to one of our adoption events.

Please be a stay at home and read our guidelines before applying. We will not return phone calls about puppies but will respond to applications only.

Baby is a very shy female lab, tiny for a lab, but sweet as can be. She is happy with her foster mom, but needs a forever home so foster mom can save more needy dogs. We will only bring her if we have an adopter as the transition will be hard on her. Adopted

Twiggy, 4 year old female German Shepherd Dog 

Twiggy is approximately 4 years old and was a stray found in a pretty emaciated state. She is as sweet as pie and has a good appetitie. She loves cheese-flavored crackers so we expect she will put the weight on without a problem. She is available for adoption.

She is a couch potato in the house and walks beautifully on a leash, doesn't pull at all. She's just a lovely dog. Adopted!

Lili, 7 mo. old Beagle mix

Lili is a 7 mo. old 15 # beagle mix who is full of fun. The picture looks serious, but she is really a fun-loving puppy with her tongue hanging out all the time. She can climb chain link fencing and will go under a stockade, so should be leash walked and obedience trained on a recall. She's a smart dog and is already sitting for treats.Adopted

Lady, 1 year old Lab mix female

Lady is a one year old black lab-mix female who we thought to have heart worm, but it turns out she's negative.  She's a good dog who ideally would love to run around in a fenced in back yard. She will need obedience training but she knows sit and down pretty well. She has a very playful temperament and is very friendly. She loves to play with other dogs and pretty much ignores cats.   Adopted!

Bella, 7 month old American Eskimo female

Bella is as cute as can be and has no baggage whatsoever. She is playful with other dogs, friendly to people, and already has had basic obedience training for "sit" and "down".

She was adopted as a pup and relinquished because the resident older dog did not like her trying to constantly engage him in play.

She is housebroken, well behaved at home and in the office. Loves to play with toys and balls. Loves to ride in the car. Just a perfect companion. Adopted

Rex, 10 mo. old Lab/hound male

Rex, formerly Brownie is a young male lab who has the hound-like body, with a rich labby coat. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Just a nice big boy. He is friendly and submissive, but is a diamond in the rough as far as training goes. He is crate trained but will need work on house training.  Please be someone who will give him the time he so deserves. He's not a demanding dog, but just needs love.Adopted!

This handsome dog is Harry. We are guessing that he is a Husky/Collie mix. He has a lovely, thick white and brown coat with a touch of gray. Harry is about 11 months old now (as of 9/27). Harry is just a super guy with personality plus. He is friendly and playful. He is a laid-back guy without excessive energy. He is the type of dog that just handles any situation and just kinda "goes with the flow". He is happy no matter what he is doing as long as he is with people. He gets along with anybody, and is good with kids. He also gets along with other dogs and even cats. If Harry was a person, we would call him a real team player! We really want him to go to a family with kids as he's a sure thing, noted as a bomb-proof, easy-going, submissive dog.  Adopted!

Just look at this face!! Is it not the cutest thing! This face belongs to Miller. He was found in Paris along with his brother Thatcher. He is a Basset Hound/Wirehaired Terrier mix who is 3 months old (as of 9/7). In addition to his adorable looks, he also has an adorable personality. He is playful and good natured. He likes people and can give the best "woeful" look we've seen. That look alone should win your heart! Please come meet Miller. He is really hoping for a forever home! Adopted!

Tubby, 3 year old Lhasa/Schnauzer male

Hello, my name is Tubby. My mom was a Lhasa and Dad a mini-schnauzer. I'm not fat, but I was a fat puppy and the name stuck. My human mom loves me very much but she lost her job a few months ago and had to move out of her apartment recently. They won't let dogs in the human shelter where she stays, so she brought me to Save A Dog. She cried. I cried too and even the volunteers cried. I'm so sad. My human mom told the volunteers that she will be happy if I can find a great home so she won't have to worry about me. I'll make a wonderful companion for someone. I'm very loyal and protective, but I know not to bite.

I get nervous with strangers until I get to know them, but I've never bitten anyone. The volunteers are all very nice to me and take me for walks. I'm hoping to get a forever home with someone who understands my breed. I weigh about 15-20 lbs. Please adopt me!. Adopted

Lab mix puppies, 8 weeks, 3 females 

Just arrived, these three little labby girls came in with their mom, Sierra, who is also for adoption.

Queenie, top left, and Taffy, left, appear to be mixed with hound. Princess Jelly Bean, above, is the runt and looks lab/spaniel, but could be mixed with hound as well.

They puppies are very shy and still need lots of human handling. Small children not recommended at this point. Apply here! We will not return phone calls without applications.


This adorable guy is Jack. We are guessing he is a Hound/Jack Russell Terrier mix. He looks a lot like a JRT, but weighs almost 40 lbs right now. Of course, Jack could stand to lose a bit of that weight - he does enjoy his food! He is very good at getting treats with his "poor, pitiful me" look. Jack is between 3 - 4 yrs old. Jack was left outside by his previous owner and strayed a lot. He particularly liked the Golf Course - it just had so many people to see! Instead of fencing their yard or keeping him inside, they brought Jack to us. Jack is a real sweetie with an adorable face and personality! He is very laid back and extremely friendly. He just loves people. He is in foster care right now, where he likes and gets along with kids, cats, horses and other dogs. Jack hasn't met anything or anyone he doesn't like! He is a happy dog, and you will find his tail wagging away most of the time. Jack is hoping for a forever home. He has so much love to give and will fit into any situation. Won't you give him a chance? Adopted

Trevor, 7 month old Lab male

Trevor is a 7 month old Labby boy who loves to play with his pal, Toby. The two are best friends and play all day long. He would be an awesome dog for a family or with other dogs, but really needs the attention of a pup as he's just a baby. He weighs in at about 50# and has some growing to do.

Trevor has the most beautiful coat and is built like an English lab. Adopted

Snowy is a 3 year old neutered male Samoyed/Collie mix. He is all white with some yellow spots. He is handsome as can be and was raised with kids. He is friendly to everyone and is a mild mannered dog who is fully housebroken and safe in the house. Adopted!

Blacky, 10 mo. old Lab/hound male

Blacky is a young male bloodhound/lab who is a real sweetheart of a dog. He has one of the nicest personalities we've seen in a long time, and that's saying something as all our dogs are nice. He is just so easy going and loves everyone. He is just a big puppy (50 lbs. currently, with a little room to grow). He was an outdoor dog from the south, but is in a foster home here and doing great. He didn't have a clue about stairs or housebreaking and caught on in a day. He loves to play, as you can see by the picture above, and would be thrilled if he could go with someone who can spend the time with him. You won't find a nicer dog.  Adopted.

Molly 10 mos. old Cattle/Corgi mix, female

Molly is a one year old Cattle/Corgi/Basenji mix. The person who rescued her wrote a letter about her. Here's an excerpt:

This frightened little puppy appeared out of the woods, across the road from our house. This was a familiar sight, an unwanted puppy -- tossed along this wooded, dead-end road. Why? Only God has the answer. But for now I am here, with God's guidance, I called, coaxed, but this frail little puppy ran away into the woods. So, I took food, water over to the spot where she had appeared. She came over and cautiously ate the food. This practice continued for 4 days, but each day as my dogs ran and played in the yard, enjoying affectionate rubs, this puppy moved closer and closer to us. Yes, she soon came close enough for me to touch. Now, our love story. I soon learned she enjoyed affectionate rubs and scratches about the head, ears, and especially under the throat and the chest area. She gives a little grunt and I give back a human grunt. She knows she can now trust. Please, continue affectionate rubs and scratches. Molly needs to know you care! Molly enjoys sleeping bside my bed. She has breakfast beside my chair, she enjoys toast -- crunchy. Yes, she has her dog food breakfast, but we share a bit. We take a walk every day and Molly only needs to see me put on my walking shoes.

Yes, I love her! It is so very, very difficult to let her go, but there are so many more to be saved and the best gift I can give Molly is to give her a family of her very own!



Sheba is a one year old female Shepherd/hound mix who was turned in after having puppies. She's a sweet dog, quiet, not overly active. She has the most beautiful, human-like eyes that are captivating. She's petite, about 40 lbs and very lean. She obviously hasn't had much of a life before this, so she deserves an adopter who will make her feel like a queen. She's smart and eager to belong to someone. She was fostered with kids and was gentle with them. Adopted!

Sierra, now Maggy, curled up at last in her new home on the couch. The kids just love her and she has turned out to be the perfect family dog.

Sierra is a female lab and mom to the pups above. She looks 99% lab. She is quiet and low key, but that is to be expected, given she just had pups. She needs a loving home. She sits quietly while you put on her leash, will pull a little, but is fairly easy going. She would be good with kids, dogs and probably cats too. We'd have to test her, but she gives every indication of no prey drive. Adopted!

This very handsome fella is RH. He came to us as a stray, but is in excellent health. RH is a Blue Heeler/Beagle mix who is 5 months old (as of 9/27). He is an intelligent dog who really enjoys being around people. He is very friendly and like everyone he meets. He is well behaved, especially for his young age. He loves to play. RH does get along with other dogs and plays with them, but sometimes gets a little bossy with them. We think RH will be a superb companion. He just needs a chance.Adopted

Angie is a one year old female golden retriever mix who came up from KY. She went to a family with young children and they are all thrilled. Adopted!

Yoohoo!! Look at me! My name is Calvin and I am hoping you will consider adopting me. I am a Border Collie mixed with maybe Hound or Lab who is almost 3 months old (as of 9/24). I have the body and look of a Border Collie, but have a short, thick coat. I am a very friendly, social guy. I do like people and attention - both make me happy. I am energetic and love to play. I am very lovable and will give you plenty of affection. I get along fine with other doggies too. Won't you please come meet me? All I ask for is a chance! Adopted!

   Collie Pups, 10 weeks

All adopted!

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