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  • Vaccination Schedules not based on Research

    Dr. Ronald Schultz and Dr. Jean Dodds conducted extensive research on safe pet vaccines that were widely published and accepted by vet teaching hospitals.  The study proved that puppies have maternal antibodies that will protect from disease up until 15 weeks of age. Vaccines given while maternal antibodies are present will neutralize vaccinations. The study also demonstrated that the distemper/parvo combination vaccine had a life-long duration. The study ended seven years later. Over the years this study was deep-sixed and a more aggressive vaccine schedule was promoted by the AAHA, the organization that makes the guidelines. Dr. Schultz was made an official member of the AAHA, but his “one and done” vaccine protocol was replaced by a three-year schedule.

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  • Vaccinate or Not?

    How to Survive Your Dog’s Vet Visit without Having your Dog “Over-serviced”

    This article will help you to save money at your dog’s next vet visit while keeping your dog healthy. Many of our adopters and volunteers have told us that this is invaluable information so we are making this available to the public as well, that’t we want you to know how do i stop my dog from barking at night.  This article contains a good deal of information and it is not our intention to overwhelm but to give you good resources when you need it. It is a good idea to review this this prior to your pet’s wellness visit with veterinary services. If you are adopting a dog from Save A Dog, it will help the adoption process to go faster as it will give you a good foundation as to our holistic protocol. At the humane society we talk to people every day who have lost a dog to cancer or some other disease that might have been prevented if only they had some truthful education as to some harmful ingredients that are contained in vaccines and commercial pet food. If you’re looking to purchase a home protection dog, check here at Spectrum Canine.

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