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Paws in the Park 2024 - On-Line Pledge Page

Benefits of Your On-Line Pledge Page

  1. This page can help you get more donations and larger average pledges so it's an effective way to help our important cause.

  2. On-line pledges are sent directly to Save A Dog and are far easier to collect and process than off line pledges.

  3. This page helps you reach more people more easily and enables them to pledge more easily from anywhere in the world using PayPal. This helps you get more pledges with less work. This saves you the effort of collecting checks manually and gets the funds to Save A Dog quickly and efficiently.

Promote your On-Line Pledge Page

  1. Change your email auto-signature at work and/or at home; after your name and title etc, add a line at the bottom including the address of your On-Line Pledge page. This will raise awareness of Paws in The Park and ensure that every email you send out could prompt a possible pledge toward your total.

  2. Check you've emailed all the groups of potential supporters, apart from friends and family these might be colleagues, former colleagues, college friends, fellow members of church/clubs/PTA and encourage them to pass on the message to anyone else who might support Save A Dog. The internet really widens the group of people you might immediately think of; for example, friends, family and colleagues living in different parts of the US that you rarely see.

  3. Don't forget your friends and family abroad; friends, family and colleagues can give from anywhere. The Internet is global, so make the most of it!

  4. Send a little e-mail update on your progress. It's nice for those who have already supported your efforts and a nudge for those who haven't contributed yet. You know what it's like: people mean to donate, but sometimes they don't quite get round to it on the first request! We know this works well from other people's experience.

  5. Put a notice up in your gym, church, college, children's school, etc. Tell people to go to your Paws in the Park Pledge page and people can donate from there.

  6. Ask to be on your company's website! See if your company would be prepared to add your site to its public website or private company intranet. Many companies like to promote the charitable and public spirited efforts of their staff and you could get a lot of extra donations from this. Some companies may even offer a "matching gift" program where they offer to match any amounts you have raise, so this action could help you reach your target even faster.

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