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Who Will Be at Paws in the Park 2022
 Who will be at Paws in the Park 2022?

We get numerous emails from adopters asking about other dogs who have been adopted through our program. Also, the volunteers that work so hard to rescue and foster these dogs, just love seeing them again! Paws in the Park is the perfect place to meet up with the dogs and their families.

This page has gone over so well in the past years, we are doing it again. It is for those of you who want to tell other adopters and volunteers that you will be at Paws in the Park 2022.

Are you going to be attending Paws in the Park this year? If so, click here and tell us your name, dog's name, dog's former name, the month & year he/she was adopted and any brief message you would like posted. If you have a current picture, attach that too!

At 10:45am we will be holding a "Find Your Pet's Littermate" contest. If you adopted a puppy or dog who had a littermate, you are eligible to play "Find your Littermate" at 10:45 in the Main Ring. Make sure you know your original adoption date and if possible, any other siblings from your dog's litter. Then you can all walk together during the "Walk" part of our event!

We will have a bulletin board and index cards available at the Information booth. These cards can be used to write messages to siblings and/or volunteers regarding where/when to meet. We are planning to set up a meeting area. Ask at the Information booth where this area is.

Hugo (Previously Murphy) - Adopted: March 2022

We love HUGO and Save A Dog!

Indie (Previously Maggie) - Adopted: June 2020

Indies so excited to come and make new friends at paws in the park!

Chewie - Adopted: November 2021

Skye (Previously Carson) - Adopted: February 2021

Hello, we hope to see some of Skyes siblings: Thank you for organizing! Arlo, Brenda, Dawson, Ernie, Francesca, Georgie, Harry and Izzie.

Abe Lincoln (Previously Shep) - Adopted: November 2013

This will be Abe's first Paws in the Park. Abe is still going great and excited to be there

Zoe (Previously Zara) - Adopted: May 2020

Zara came to SAD pregnant. Her pups-Zach, Zoe and Zele-Were born on 3/26/20.

Sweet Pea (Previously Zella) - Adopted: April 2018

Both Sweet Pea and I thank you, Save A Dog!

Jax (Previously Linus) - Adopted: December 2021

Jax would love to meet some of his siblings from the “L litter!”

Sadie (Previously Sasha) - Adopted: February 2019

Sadie can't wait to come and see everyone at Paws in the Park 2022! Maybe she will even remember some of her pod mates and caregivers, if they are there!

Hank Williams (Previously Hank) - Adopted: November 2018

Hank is a very energetic, 38lb border collie/cattle dog mix. He came from a litter of 7. He looked identical to Henry and very similar to Hugo and Heather. Hulk, Hermoine and Helena looked very different. We would be very excited to meet any of Hank's siblings.

Lettie (Previously Lady Belle) - Adopted: January 2022

We love our little coonhound from Virginia. She is so loving to all creatures great and small.

Mayer/Mila (Previously Mila previously Faith) - Adopted: December 2021

Bali (Previously Scoobie) - Adopted: October 2021

Can’t wait for Balis first Paws in the Park!

Noodle (Previously Cinnamon) - Adopted: November 2020

Noodle has become such an important family member. He loves people, dogs, water, toys, and especially snuggles.

Lucy (Previously Lilly) - Adopted: April 2017

Lucy is an amazing addition to the family. Gets to come to work everyday and loves people and other animals. Looks like a miniature black lab. We can’t believe she is already 5.

Daisy - Adopted: April 2018

Coco (Previously Tiny Tina) - Adopted: May 2011

Coco was one of 3 puppies born to CeCe, a St Croix rescue. I’m hoping to learn about one of her siblings, I believe her name is Lily.

Phoebe (Previously Bailey) - Adopted: May 2009

We adopted the sweetest pup in the world, 13 years ago. She can’t wait to come strut her stuff this year.

Suzie (Previously Suzie) - Adopted: December 2018

Suzie and I look forward to this event all year long. Suzie is a little shy with people but she loves making new doggy friends! Hope to see your their!

Selkie (Previously Karen-Kari) - Adopted: August 2021

Benny (Previously Chauncey) - Adopted: July 2021

Looking forward to this event! We had such a wonderful time last fall. Benny really enjoyed seeing all his dog friends!

Reba Franklin (Previously Reba) - Adopted: November 2021


Jaxson (Previously Kevin) - Adopted: March 2021

Toffi (Previously Esme) - Adopted: April 2021

We are so excited for the event and hope to meet some of Toffi's siblings.

Fenway - Adopted: October 2018

Daisy - Adopted: June 2012

Bernadette (Previously Jade) - Adopted: February 2022

Would love to meet sibs!!!

Chase - Adopted: November 2020

Can't wait!

Bella (Previously Tamara) - Adopted: February 2022

We can’t make it till 12:30 or so due to other obligations. We’d love for Bella to meet up with her sister Tia if there is an opportunity. I’m not sure if you can reach out to her owner and see if they plan on coming And if they can be there around that time. If not we’re excited to see you all again and show how happy Bella is.

Ember (Previously Ember) - Adopted: July 2020

Ember and Nike are coming.

Indy (Previously Beollan) - Adopted: March 2016


Atlas (Previously Princess) - Adopted: December 2021

This little girl had a rough start in life, but now she is universally adored by everyone who meets her. Thank you to Save A Dog for bringing her up north and into my life! —Tiffany

Gilligan - Adopted: November 2021

Our happy pup!

Lucee (Previously Starsky) - Adopted: March 2020

Litter Mates Goleith.Hutch,Ellen,David

Hobbes (Previously Rubin) - Adopted: May 2021

We plan to attend and would love to meet Hobbes' (Rubin's) littermates if they are attending

Moxie (Previously Sister) - Adopted: May 2021

Jack (Previously Dawson) - Adopted: March 2021

Jack would love to see his siblings again, and any other dog who would like to be friends.

Belle (Previously Sugar) - Adopted: July 2020

Lincoln (Previously Lincoln) - Adopted: November 2021

My husband and I will be there with Lincoln

Layla (Previously Layla) - Adopted: November 2021

Petunia (Previously Petunia) - Adopted: April 2021

One of the flower puppies from Easter 2021 - born Jan 2021

Daisy (Previously Brenda) - Adopted: February 2021

We would love to reunite with our puppy siblings!!

Beans (Previously Baker) - Adopted: March 2021

Sugar (Previously Ashley) - Adopted: May 2019

Tatum - Adopted: January 2022

Katie kiwi (Previously kiwi) - Adopted: November 2018


Marvin (Previously Max) - Adopted: March 2022

Bartley (Previously Buster) - Adopted: January 2017

Bug - Adopted: March 2022

Bug is in training to be a service dog and he came to me from a previous owner with Alzheimer’s who had to go into a nursing home. I suffer from PTSD and after five long years of being in group homes and hospitals, I am so happy to be coming back to Paws-in-the-Park! Bug and I are happy to attend with my boyfriend Nick and make a donation in Bug’s previous owner’s name. <3

Ellie (Previously Fiddler) - Adopted: May 2021

We adopted our dog Ellie May 15th of last year!! Can’t wait to spend this year with other pups and helping other rescues get adopted!!

Rex (Previously Rolo) - Adopted: November 2021

Rex will be attending in the afternoon, after I complete my volunteer shift :) maybe his previous litter mates will be there as well - he was the odd ball with the rest of the heeler pups

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