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Save A Dog, Inc. - Paws in the Park 2012 - On-line Pledges
 Paws in the Park 2012 - On-line Pledges
Name:    Diane Broderick
Total:    $600.00

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.

Personal Message:

If you can, please consider sponsoring me in my quest to raise $500 toward the wonderful work that can only be accomplished by the VILLAGE - also known as Save A Dog! No amount is too small. All amounts are greatly appreciated. As examples of how your donations are used for the medical care of our dogs here is a list: -$50 Heartworm Test. -$65 One health exam and health certificate - out of state dog. -$75 Vaccinations for one adult dog. -$85-100 Neuter for one adult dog (MALE). -$100 Geriatric blood profile for one geriatric dog. -$150 Spay for one adult dog (FEMALE) -$200 X-rays for one adult dog. -$300 Standard medical care for an incoming rescue dog (includes vaccinations, heartworm test, blood tests, worming, and spay or neuter). There are other costs related to our efforts including housing of the animals until they are adopted; feeding them; treating them for fleas and ticks; etc etc. If you can be part of my efforts (yep, again) you will be forever in my prayers! I thank you. Henry thanks you. Shadow thanks you. AND - AS AN INCENTIVE TO ALL OF YOU!!! I will donate $.50 on every dollar pledged on this page, up to $250. Can you help me reach my goal???

If you have a twitter or facebook account you can help me even more by clicking on the Tweet or Like buttons below. The more people that are willing to help, the more successful a fundraiser Paws in the Park 2012 will be!

  Online Pledges:
Name Date Pledge
Jean Brudd 07:52:38 Mar 23, 2012 PDT $10.00
Nicole Rutkowski 05:32:22 Mar 24, 2012 PDT $20.00
Nicolle Renick 13:39:13 Mar 28, 2012 PDT $20.00
Joanne Poor 14:38:14 Mar 28, 2012 PDT $50.00
Marcia Finn 16:26:00 Mar 28, 2012 PDT $35.00
Christine Tsai 06:01:06 Mar 29, 2012 PDT $65.00
Jennifer Pacitti 07:05:27 Apr 02, 2012 PDT $25.00
Anonymous 09:01:41 May 29, 2012 PDT $15.00
Anonymous 19:12:42 May 29, 2012 PDT $50.00
Pedro Velazquez 19:52:53 May 30, 2012 PDT $35.00
Anonymous 08:25:11 Jun 01, 2012 PDT $250.00
Mark Brunet 15:29:03 Jun 01, 2012 PDT $25.00

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If you wish to sponsor Diane Broderick, please use the PayPal button below. Once your online pledge has been processed, your name will appear in the list of Online Pledges.

Thank you for supporting Save A Dog!

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.
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