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Save A Dog, Inc. - Paws in the Park 2012 - On-line Pledges
 Paws in the Park 2012 - On-line Pledges
Name:    Krista Pawluczonek
Total:    $270.00

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.

Personal Message:

Hello All! Frankie and I are trying to raise money for Save A Dog, a wonderful non-profit organization. Save A Dog is a Massachusetts based humane society that focuses on abandoned dogs. To date they have placed over 3,800 abandoned dogs in loving homes. Two of which Frankie and I adopted. Ozzy and his litter mates were found in a box in a dumpster, left to die. Through a miracle, someone over heard puppies whimpering. Save A Dog flew in to rescue the pups, and tube fed them back to health. All of his liter mates were placed in loving homes. Ozzy has truly been a blessing in our lives. We love him so much, and loves us as much in return. We recently adopted Prima in April 2012. We always knew we wanted to get another dog, especially a companion for Ozzy. Well, we never expected it turn out so perfectly. She is the sweetest little love bug, constantly giving kisses. Her and Ozzy are best friends, they play all day, share everything, and follow each other everywhere. You know that bumper sticker that says "Who rescued who?" Well Frankie and I ask that everyday.... these two dogs have made an incredible addition to our lives. We love them. Our hopes are to raise money to help Save A Dog rescue, nurture, and place abandoned dogs into loving homes. Please help me and Frankie raise money for such a wonderful organization! Thank you for your support Krista Pawluczonek

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  Online Pledges:
Name Date Pledge
Camille Zechello 07:20:54 May 05, 2012 PDT $25.00
Lee Gagen 08:50:57 May 06, 2012 PDT $25.00
Cara Zechello 08:10:21 May 08, 2012 PDT $25.00
Kerry Morenzetti 19:06:23 May 08, 2012 PDT $25.00
Rhona Jarmulowicz 05:24:53 May 09, 2012 PDT $50.00
Jennifer Fontes 15:38:24 May 09, 2012 PDT $25.00
Lauren Torrielli 16:55:09 May 09, 2012 PDT $25.00
Jacqueline Higgins 07:46:55 May 14, 2012 PDT $25.00
Nancy Pawluczonek 06:35:25 May 15, 2012 PDT $25.00
Eliza Duddy 05:04:31 May 25, 2012 PDT $20.00

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Thank you for supporting Save A Dog!

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.
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