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 Angel & Daisy
Hi Shirley,

Thanks so much for your nice e-mail. I'd wanted to write you an update on the girls especially before Jim sent the pictures but I just couldn't seem to find the time. It's been so long since I've had to care for and tend to more than just Jim and me that I just can't seem to get a routine. It's like having twin toddlers (with issues), but it's all wonderful.

They are fantastic in the car and arrived home fine, slept almost all the way. They absolutely love the bed (our bed) and would be happy to stay there all day if only I would stay with them but since that's out of the question, they follow me around and will lay in their bed which is in a spot that they can pretty much see me most of the time. They've already mastered getting on and off the bed and couch by themselves and make a beeline whenever I go into either the bedroom or living room. They're so happy when we finally settle down for the night to watch TV or get ready for bed at night.

They definitely have distinct personalities. Daisy is a bit of a clown and more outgoing, but at the same time, more clingy also. When I sit down she climbs on my lap and has to be near me whereas Angel is content just to know I'm there. However, when we hold Angel she just melts and is soooo relaxed while Daisy loves to be held but doesn't relax quite as much.

We've taken them out a few times for short trips in the car and they're great. We also left them (crated) for about an hour while we ran out to see how they would do and they were fine. We made an appointment with our vet for next Monday to have Angel's staple removed and to introduce them to our vet and get their heartworm and flea & tick meds. We tried to get them their licenses today but the paperwork sent home with them wasn't sufficient for CT. We need a certificate of spaying (as with a rabies certificate) but I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get one from our vet on Monday after she can confirm they've been spayed.

We're working on their housebreaking by taking them out very often as if they were puppies and they've only had two real accidents. Actually, overall they are doing real well except for Angel's marking. She marks all over the house and all over Daisy also. I started putting a diaper on her and she seems to be marking less. I've never had a dog who marked so I'm not sure how to deal with it. She doesn't seem to ever actually empty her bladder when she's outside. Daisy squats and pees while Angel just seems to mark in a few different places.

All in all, it's all good and our home is complete again and no longer so empty. Thank you

Time to take them out again, talk to you later.

Barbara Ford

Here is a little collection of some of the photos we have taken. More to come

Jim and Barbara.

Time to hit the road.

We like our new day bed.

Getting instructions from Mommy.

What the couch was really made for.

Life in the fast lane.

Bonding with Mommy.

Looking forward to Paws in the Park in June!

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