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gizmo2 Bailey's "before" picture Bailey today

Bailey, pictured left and right, was rescued from a local shelter where he was slated to be put down due to a bad case of kennel cough. We pulled him out, put him on meds, and placed him into a wonderful foster home. His new Mom, Louise Donahue, nursed him back to health (as you can see from the new picture on the right) and adopted him. He is as pampered as a dog can get. He loves playing with his many squeaky toys and loves chasing the family cat. Way to go, Bailey!

The little ones (Tiki & Bailey) are never the problem getting them dressed & in position - it's the bouncing baby boy (the big one) that's the challenge! Barnum kept rolling over doing the new "bang bang " routine (roll over & play dead - belly up) It's a new trick I recently taught him. It was a struggle to teach the trick to him, at first, but now he has decided it is his absolute favorite. He preferred to do that instead of sitting (of course my laughing every time probably didn't help discourage the behavior......) hehehe. He was having WAY too much fun.

Don't you love Tiki's tiara?

I also attached Bailey in his Halloween costume (jester) & Tiki in hers (princess) As you can see they are NOT camera or costume shy!


The 2 lovebirds on Valentines Day 2004

Bailey is the groomers #1 favorite dog. He adores him and now he also grooms Tiki too so they are both his favorites (he even tells other clients this!). He books them at the end of the day so he gets lots of "quality" time with them. He claims the little dogs are sometimes be the tougher and meaner ones to deal with.. he said he loves mine because they are very sweet & affectionate. My groomer is a bit of an eccentric but that's why I drive so far to take them there. With this groomer it's all about the dogs and their comfort - If they are matted he will not comb it out he will clip them (as he says it hurts them too much) He tells you right up front - if you (as the owner) don't keep up their combing maintenance so they don't get matted he will clip them down (less painful for the dogs skin). He won't let them stay there for more than a few hours as it is stressful for them. You have to drop them off and pick them up within a few hours (wonlt let people leave them all day) He's very funny but great with them and that's all I cared about.

After Bailey's initial "shearing" when he was so matted that he had to be shorn like a sheep which definitely hurt him (he was so badly matted & his skin was so red & raw and there were flea & tick bites all over his poor little body) - after that experience he was NOT happy to hear a buzzing clipper sound. He had definitely never been around a brush or comb as that was a battele for a LONG time (he'd bite the brush/comb so I would stop). I told this groomer about his issues and suggested he might want to start with scissors ....he was so cute with him... now Bailey LOVES his baths and comes running every time I have the blow dryer going.


Here's Bailey in his favorite beach chair. What a life!

Christmas 2002

Dear Save A Dog,

Bailey is now the alpha dog in my house (since I lost my 13 yr old labin October follwed by 13 yr old shepherd in November- very sad holidays) : (

This picture captures Bailey's personality better than any picture I have - he's very cocky- struts like a show dog! My friends say all he needs in this picture is a gold chain around his neck (hehehehe).

With Tundra & Casper gone he's also become the protector of the family. He seems to especially hate work boots- when plumber and appliance guy came to the house he would attack & growl at their boots- not them - their boots (have no idea what that's about) but if they wore sneakers he was fine..... ahhhh... if only they could talk!


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