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 Bella, formerly Sammy

Hi Bonnie,

This last week has been great! Sundae and Bella are getting along great. Sundae is even initiating some of the play sessions! I know why the vet said she would add about 5 years to her life! Sundae is getting more exercise than even and is happier than ever! Bella goes to the door and whines when she has to pee, no accidents! In the morning she drags all her stuff out of the crate and when she's tired at night she pulls her blanket and favorite toys into the crate! I had my father install some spot lights into the back yard, with Bella being black we can't see her! We are very happy with her, I am also anxious to take her back to vet to see how much she's grown! She has grown alot and listens very well. I have started some of the basic obediance with her on my own. Once she has her rabies shot I will sign her up.

Take care,


Update on 2/1/04

Hi Bonnie,

I wanted to send you an update sonner but I had some computer problems. Bella the lab/pyr puppy you named sammy is doing great! I truely couldn't have asked for a better addition. She is very smart and the best thing about her is that she has such a strong desire to please and just wants to be with us. She isn't in the crate very much at all, only for short periods when we have to leave for a sports practice or grocery trip. She has taking up sleeping in my youngest childs room, on the floor right beside his bed. He loves this and doesn't even mind Bella waking him a few times a night, licking his toes or face. If we leave her out when were not home she seems to eat something of each childs, I think she is upset becuase they're not here, but I think she'll outgrow that. She and Sundae Girl are the very best of friends and you made a great decision picking her for us. We do go through many toys but atleast she's happy with the toys now and not everything else. The kids spend alot of time playing tug of war with her and fetch, those are her favorite and she will do anything for a treat. She did have dry skin and was itching all the time so I brought her to the vet and told me to buy omega 3. It works great, she has a beautiful coat, so I also started giving it to Sundae. The both really enjoy the taste too. She is almost as tall as my Golden already and she is six months old now. If Bella's brother has dry skin you may want to pass on the Omega 3. It has been so cold we really haven't gotten out on many walks. I was very grateful for the fenced yard, the stockade fence seems to block alot of the wind so we have played there. I am looking forward to warmer weather to get her out on some trips. She loves everybody and shows no aggression over anything. The kids can take anything from her favorite toys to a bone, she is just a fun loving dog. We'll thanks again Bonnie and I hope you and your son are staying warm.


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