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Dogs Adopted in August 2003

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 Dogs Adopted in August, 2003

 Mojo, one yr old male cockapoo    Adopted
He was a stray, but his temperament is great. He was great for the groomer and is good with other dogs. His foster mom writes, "Mojo is a small male...very cool cockapoo. He's got alot of energy though and isn't so much the "lap dog" at this time. Although I'm sure he'll mellow as he gets older (he's very puppylike still). And he will be a great companion, very much a people dog."

Renamed Toby. Read his Success Story

 Benny, 3 mon old male Cocker Spaniel    Adopted
This adorable little guy is Benny. He was turned into us by his owners.

Read his Success Story

 Timone, 9 mos male collie/retriever mix     Adopted
This is Timone, a big fluffy dog who is the son of Jinxie. He seems like a black collie and retriever mix. He loves other dogs. Would be gentle with kids/cats. His picture isn't very good, but he looks like a black golden retriever.

Renamed Grady. Read his Success Story

 Maisey, 6 mos old Female border collie mix     Adopted
Maisey is a border collie mix. She is around 6 months and weighs 25-30lbs. She is quite the clown and full of fun and silliness. She would make a great agility dog. She is agile and very smart.

Renamed Lily. Read her Success Story

 Joplin, 3 mos. old Female Lab mix    Adopted
Joplin, female pup. She's about 3 months and as cute and playful as can be. Her picture doesn't do her justice as she is so cute.

Renamed Raven. Read her Success Story

 Red, 8 mo. old Male Yorkie/Chihuahua mix     Adopted
This is Red, a yorkie, chihuahua puppy, male 8 mos. He is tiny, tiny, so must go with a home that does not have big dogs as he could get hurt during play. He is a friendly little pup.

Red hates other dogs so he must be an only dog.

Read his Success Story

 Lucky, 1 1/2 years old Male Retriever mix     Adopted
This is Lucky. He came to a shelter in KY as a stray, and looked a bit battered and tattered. His life had hit an unlucky streak, which found him homeless and hungry. He's hoping things will turn around, and life will start looking brighter. Lucky is a well-behaved dog who is friendly with everyone. He enjoys attention and people. He gets along with the other dogs and enjoys playing. He will make a super companion.

Renamed Rocky Road. Read his Success Story

 Barney, 3 mos old Male Bassett mix     Adopted
Barney Bassett, at 9 weeks old. He is 3 months old now and just the most lovable little guy, carefree with other dogs, but affectionate and just a love bug with people. He will make someone very happy. Our volunteers have just fallen in love with him.

He is quiet in his crate and will not get to be very big, maybe 30 tops. He is even cuter than his picture.

Read his Success Story

Reebock, 10 mo. old Shepherd/Lab mix

Reebock is an 10 month old Lab mix  from OH.  He is as playful as can be and loves attention. He also loves to play with other dogs and is not overbearing. He is also happy just running around the back yard. He is already neutered and is crate trained and house broken. He has been clicker trained and is well behaved. Older kids would be best or adults. He is a beautiful dog. Adopted!


 Chica, Basset/lab female, 4 years old

Hi, My name is Chica and I am  a very happy, well-adjusted Basset mix. I'm completely housebroken and I'm not a chewer at all. I love to hang around the house or go for walks. I also love to just be outside enjoying the fresh air. I'm easy to walk on a leash too and very cuddly. What's not to love?

I was spayed a long time ago and the vet says I will make someone a very loving dog. Please apply for me!


Jake is an 8 month old Labby boy from NC, arriving on Sat.

He is not as big as he looks. He's a nice dog, great with other dogs, playful, loves the pool, just a great pet.


Gracie is a grayhound mix. she is around 1yr and weighs around 40-45lbs.She is here now an dVERY loving. She is so beautiful, her picture does not do her justice. Her coat is gorgeously honey colored and she is just a love to be with.



this is max a retriever mix, he is around 5-6mo, weighes around 35-40lbs. Max is affectionate and playful. He has so much fun playing with the other dogs.


 Maggie is adopted. She is part of a duo. They are fun loving and playful as can be. Maisey is the clown and Maggie is her side kick. they are so much fun. REally nice pups.Maggie has an adoption in progress.

Teegan, left, and Trevor, above, are Corgi mix males who just came up from NC. They're approximately 3 months old, incredibly good in their crates and quiet. Adopted

Murphy Brown is the sweetest female Collie mix you'll ever meet. She is calm and very affectionate. She appears to be around 2 years old. Just a love. She is full grown, probably in the 40 lb range but needs to fill out a little. Adopted

Tanner is a female Golden Retriever who came to the shelter in NC in a very matted state. She appears to be six months old and is very thin, yet very healthy acting and playful. She loves to run with the other puppies in the yard. What a sweetie. Once she's cleaned up and gains some weight she's going to be a show stopper. Adopted

Detroit, male pup. He is very cute. Adopted

Halle, female pup, looks like a shepherd or rottie mix. She is way cuter in person and just a joyful puppy. Adopted

Janice, female pup, is petite and very smart. She seems to be mixed with beagle or something small. Adoption in progress

Lucky is a 4 year old purebred yellow Lab girl who is being relinquished due to allergies in the family. She is still with her owner until we find her a good home. Lucky is trained on the invisible fence and knows basic obedience commands. She was raised with older kids.

We have received more than enough applications for Lucky. We are not accepting any more applications at this time.

Jinxie, mother to many of the lab pups you see here. Very nice dog. She is totally submissive with everybody and every thing. She would be a good family dog. Adopedt

Tessa 5 year old Cairn mix

Tessa is a 4-5 year old spayed female Cairn mix. Tessa was found as a stray. When she was evaluated it was confirmed she was abused and has fear induced nipping. Because of this we will not adopt out to people who have small children or small children that visit. Tessa needs someone who understands that it takes time for an abused animal to trust and is willing to put both the time and effort into winning her trust. She is a sweet little girl who is very smart, housetrained and gets along with cats Adoption in progress.

Alex is an 8 month old lab mix who gets along great with everyone. We think he is mild enough for cats, but still labby enough to need a fenced in yard and access to water. He is a LOVE!  He probably weighs 50lbs.  Loves to play with toys, loves the water, just perfect for a family. Adopted

Honey Bear is a 4 year old female yellow lab who has her AKC papers. She came up from NC this weekend. She has a gorgeous coat, weighs around 70 lbs. but is short in stature. She is not high energy and is wonderful with everyone. She would make a wonderful addition to any family. She loves squeaky toys and hard rubber balls, loves water, what a great dog. She was grouchy with females when we first got her, but we found out she was going into heat. Now she is fine with everyone, even other females and is great outside with the gang. She is spayed and ready to go. Adoption in progress

Nikki is a six month old female Shepherd mix. They said she is mixed with boxer, but the only indication of that is a docked tail, which never stops wagging. She is eager and playful, just a love with people and a little bossy with dogs her own size but submissive with bigger dogs. She would be a great friend for a dog who wants a playmate or for a young person with the energy to train her. She is spayed and ready for a home.

She looks big here, but she is actually a smallish dog. Weighs about  25 lbs and will grow to be around 40 lbs. She is crazy over water and loves to put her head under and swim. Anyone live near water? She'll be in heaven. Adopted

This is Roger. He is a black and tan, about 3 months old and  who is possibly a lab/coonhound mix, with possibly a pinch of shepherd or rottie. He has a fabulous, easy-going personality and is going to make an adopter very happy. He listens and wants to please. Here he is below with his buddy, Barney. They are being fostered together and play every day.Adopted

Indie is a 3 year old curly coated retriever who came from KY. He is a bit overweight, but seems otherwise a nice dog. He should be fine with a working household. His previous owner had taken him through obedience training. Gets along with dogs and cats. Housebroken. He knows a lot of obedience commands and wants to please. When you say Sit he also goes right into a Down as he knows that's next. Nice, nice dog who was obviously with an owner in the past.

Indie going for a walk with Honey Bear. He gets along great with other dogs, but likes females best. He needs to run and burn some energy. He will chase a ball with the best of them. Indie has an adoption in progress Adoption in progress

Twiggy, 8 month old female Chihuahua mix, very submissive. Stray. Very sweet with kids and grownups. This is a 10 lb. dog who is very affectionate. Will you give her a home?


Champ, Spaniel male, 7 months old He is very playful and friendly. Seems to be an aussie or collie mix.

Surrendered by owner. Owned by an elderly couple. He was too much puppy for them. They needed a mellow dog and he's a pup. He is housebroken. Adopted

Breeze is a sweet young female Husky mix from KY. She will need a husky-loving home as she could have husky qualities.

This is the adorable Breeze. She is about 6 months old and is a Husky mixed with Terrier or some other breeds. She could truly be called a Heinz 57 type of dog. She was found by a person in Paris, KY who kept her for a couple weeks looking for her Guardian. No one came forward for Breeze, so she was at the shelter looking for a home. Breeze has a wonderful disposition. She is very sweet and affectionate. She is good with cats and other dogs, and should be great with kids. She is a happy girl who loves pleasing you. She weighs around 35 lbs now and should grow to be about 45 lbs. Breeze can add so much to your life. All she needs is a chance. Adopted

Led Zepplin, the pup. Male, Lab mix. 3 mos, smallish and just as cute as can be. He won't last. We are making appointments for people who have approved applications already in so he may not be at the meet and greet event.Led Zepplin is adopted, but Leo is available.

Leo, the pup. Male, Lab mix. 3 mos, smallish and just as cute as can be. He won't last. We are making appointments for people who have approved applications already in so he may not be at the meet and greet event.

Turned in as a littler with Janice, Joplin, Zepplin. They're 12 weeks exactly on August. 8th. Adopted

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