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Dogs Adopted in September 2003

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 Dogs Adopted in September, 2003

Ramona, 8 week old female Pit bull mix   Adopted
Who could resist this face! Ramona is an 8 week old female puppy who was left at the front door of a Providence animal shelter. She had such a worried look on her face, we could not leave her there.

Ramona is just darling and very full of puppy antics like chasing balls, playing with stuffed toys and just loving life.

Renamed Mona. Read her Success Story

 Tinkerbell, 20 month old female beagle mix    Adopted
Tinkerbell is an adorable beagle mix female who we placed 18 months ago as a puppy. Her owners are moving into smaller quarters and cannot take her. Right now she is very needy and would do great with a family who has some dog training experience, but taking her to classes would be fine as well. She cannot go with someone who is going to leave her outside in a fenced in yard as she will dig out of boredom.

Read her Success Story

Chimi, 2 year old male Chihuahua

Chimi, male chihuahua, 2 years old. very sweet with people, even children. He is friendly with other dogs and very pint sized, about five pounds in all. Not into your stuff too much, a pretty good dog.He will bark at other dogs on leash, especially males.We would rather put him in a home without other dogs as he does not like all dogs he meets.  He's tiny. Very loving and good in his crate. Adult home preferred. We have had lots of applications but are looking for just the right match for him as he is very tiny.


Charm is a 3 year old purebred beagle who lost interest in field trials after she gave birth to pups. She will be spayed asap and ready for adoption. Come see her at our booth at Pet Rock on Sunday. She's a real charmer, just a love and the pictures don't do her justice as she is beautifully marked with a deep red coat. What a love! Adopted

Nike, 1.5 year old male Golden Retriever mix

Nike is a 1.5 year old neutered male golden retriever / lab mix with a touch of shepherd. He is a young dog who loves to swim and chase balls. He needs a place to run, fenced preferably, and someone to follow through with obedience training. He still pulls on the leash and jumps up so older kids or adults would be best with him.


Skipper is a tiny (12 lb.) one year old male Beagle. The tail never stops wagging and he is personality plus. Housebroken as well. He could be mixed with something smaller, like terrier. He is as cute as a button and very affectionate. ADOPTED

Austin, 6 month old Aussie mix

Austin is a six month old male Aussie mix. He's a sweet dog who was ready for the gas chambers of NC. Two nice ladies drove all night so that he would have a chance at getting a new lease on life. Adopted

Misha, 3 year old female German Shepherd Dog

Misha was relinquished by her distraught owner who lost her home. She is a lovely dog who was raised with kids and is housebroken. She knows obedience commands and loves to chase balls and bring them back. She has lameness from time to time so should not be too active. Her exrays showed no hip dysplasia and she's negative on the lyme test so we're a bit baffled. She will need glucoximine regularly and sometimes rimadyl.


MacKenzie, 3 year old neutered male Shepherd mix

MacKenzie is a 3 year old male Shepherd mix who was brought to the Billerica pound along with his sister (who is still there). He is a VERY laid back dog who loves affection. He and his sister were allowed to roam freely until they killed a cat. I know, it's hard to believe a dog this sweet would kill a cat, but when they're allowed to roam in packs this is what happens, so no cats for Mackenzie. He is a large dog, 70 lbs. and we think he's mixed with something large, like Malamute or Akita. He's got a gentle soul and should do well with kids or in a working home. ADOPTED

Gertie, 1.5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier

Gertie is an adorable 2 year old Staffordshire terrier who came from a shelter in RI where she was to be put to sleep. We went down and temperament tested her and she did really well. She is a very affectionate, people-focused dog who is good with dogs as well. She is playful and also very smalrt. She is responding to obedience training. We love her and hope that we can find the right home for her. She is about 40 lbs and has soft, velvet-like grayish/brown fur.


Jinxie, 2 year old female retriever mix

Jinxie came to us last August and was adopted by a working family. They recently called to say it was a mistake and they need to give her back. She is great with kids, cats, dogs, people, but shows some signs of separation anxiety when left in a crate during the day. A stay at home family would be wonderful. She is gentle. She was completely housebroken for six weeks, but recently has had accidents in her crate.

This picture doesn't do her justice. She is so pretty. She has several people interested and will be at our adoption event this Sat. Adopted

Courtney is a sweet collie mix, seems young, weighs about 30 lbs.

She is very thin, but very sweet and friendly. Adopted

Wally is an 8 month old neutered labby boy who came into foster care as a mangey pup. He is fine now except for one little piece of missing fur on his leg. He's calm for a lab, but a good candidate for separation anxiety given his breed. Please have a fenced in yard and be home.

His foster mom says: "Boy is he a great dog. Very people friendly and almost bullet-proof - completely fine with all the loud noises, cars, people, etc. in my neighborhood - which has been extremely rare in my rescue guests. Absolutely LOVES to play ball and get belly rubs, but pretty calm for a labby. Will be a wonderful family dog." Adopted

Heinrich, 8 month old Australian Shepherd mix

Heinrich Heinrick is an adorable, smart, energetic, 9 month old Australian Shepherd mix looking for a loving person or family to spend his days with. He loves to play with his soft toys, rawhide chews and anything that makes a squeaking noise. He is an outdoor explorer with a keen interest in squirrels. Jake can sit, stay and come. He likes other dogs and shows great interest in children. Jake has a loving personality and wants to >>spend as much time with his owners as possible. He was adopted but his new owners are at work all day and he is not happy. He can last about 4 hours, then will start to howl. We believe this is a temporary condition as many of the dogs are anxious in their new homes. His owners think he'll be happier with someone who can be home more. His only vice is that he thinks chasing cats is fun, so no cats, please. Good news. Heinrich's owners found a doggy daycare and are keeping him.

Dolly is a young female cattle dog mix who just came in. She came to our adoption event and someone fell in love with her already. Adopted

Dustin, above, and Farley, below are too male 8 week old Shepherd/lab puppies who just got rescued from the gas chambers of NC. They are beyond cute, but need a stay at home or work from home to be with them during the day. They will be adopted separately. Both adopted

Pooh and Dewey are two male pups who just came up from NC. Pooh is a Golden Retriever mix and Dewey is a Golden/Spitz mix. They are about 9 weeks old.

Simon, Alvin, and Theodore, Cocker Spaniel puppies

Simon, Alvin and Theodore are three purebred Cocker Spaniel pups (parti-colored) who came to us from a breeder who had too many pups. They are all males and all fun of frolic and play. They are approx. 12 weeks old and have had all shots.  All are adopted.

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