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Dogs Adopted in June 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in June, 2002

 Cheri, Bichon    Adopted
Cheri, the Bichon, just arrived home with her new family, the O'Dells. She was supposed to be Mom's dog, but really took to the boys. Mom is a recent amputee and really needed a friend to keep her company during the day while sons are at school. Everyone is thrilled!

Renamed Muffy. Read her Success Story

 Angie, 5 month old female Briard/Sheltie Mix    Adopted
Angie is a very playful, sweet puppy who is going to grow to be a medium size, low shedding dog. She would do great with an active family familiar with quirky characteristics of the breed. She's as cute as you will find, and very well behaved for a puppy.

Read her Success Story

 Mocha, 2 year old female Collie mix    Adopted
Mocha is a very sweet, ultra submissive, very gentle collie mix. She would be fine anyone who has a quiet environment or who wants a dog to take for walks. She is gorgeous and has a lovely disposition.

Read her Success Story

 Morgan, 11 month old female Wire Haired Fox Terrier    Adopted
Morgan was a Christmas gift to someone who worked long hours but who tried to give her the best he could but finally realized she would never be housebroken sitting in a crate all day and sometimes late into the evening. She will need training for house breaking and an owner who can spend time loving her and making up for lost time. She is absolutely adorable. She can go with kids, but no cats, please.

Read her Success Story

 Jill, 10 week old female Elkhound/Sharpei mix    Adopted
Jill is a very sweet 10 week old female puppy who is recovering from kennel cough (which is similar to the human cold). She's doing well and should grow to be a nice, medium-sized dog. She's as cute as a button with an eagerness to learn. She's very alert.

Renamed Annie. Read her Success Story

 Charlie, 11 month old male Chocolate Lab mix    Adopted
Charlie is a young chocolate lab mix who is fun loving and submissive with other dogs. He hasn't received a lot of training, but is willing to learn. He's got a sweet temperament.

Read his Success Story

 Jarvis, 4-6 month old male terrier/collie mix    Adopted
Jarvis is very petite, sweet and playful. He was left by the side of the road and the person who brought him in said that he and Finnigan, his friend sat in the same spot for an entire day, waiting for their owners to come back. He is more timid than Finnegan, but is very gentle, not mouthy at all. Will come out of his shell in the right environment.

Read his Success Story

 Ellie-Mae & Peggy Sue, 6 mos female Spitz/Border Collie Adopted
Ellie-Mae and Peggy Sue came to us from a WV shelter. They are playful and energetic and wll need to be placed separately.

Both dogs went to NEADS to be trained as hearing assistance dogs.

Both are recent graduates of the NEADS program! Congratulations!

 Gretel, 2 mon old German Shepherd/Airedale MixAdopted
This beautiful puppy has a purebred German Shepherd mom and an Airedale dad. Mom is a gentle Shepherd with a wonderful temperament. We expect these pups to grow to be serious, big dogs who will probably weight around 70 lbs. so no first time dog owners, please.

Read her Success Story

Hambone & Grits - 3 1/2 Month Old - Daschshund Mix



Hi there! Feeling hungry? Well, come meet us and we can take care of that. At least if that hunger is for companionship! We are Hambone and Grits and are about 3 1/2 months old (as of 5/25). We are Hound/Dachshund mixes and are looking for love in all the right places! We are two bouncy, playful puppies who are full of personality. We are quite the characters and keep everyone hoppin' with our antics. When we see you, we will be sure and bark to draw your attention. We want to make sure you notice us! We are pretty darn cute too! So, please set up an appointment to meet us. We are sure to please you!  Hambone went to a very nice family in Maine and Grits was adopted by a previous adopter who works at Best Friends in Sudbury. Both are very happy in their new homes.

Clyde - 10 to 12 Week Old - Male Australian Shep Mix

Clyde is a 10-12 week old Aussie mix who just came up to us from Paris, KY where a wonderful group of rescuers saved him. He is spunky and very puppy like with puppy energy. He should grow to be a large sized dog. Adopted. Clyde went to live with two other dogs and a doggy mom who works from home.

Rosie - 5 Years Old - Female Pekingese

Rosie is a lovely female peke stray who is five years old. She is very friendly and cuddly. Would be perfect for an older person as she's not high energy. She is housebroken and quiet. She's a really nice little dog who likes to go for walks and is a nice size, especially if you have apartment or condo regulations. Adopted!

German Shepherd Mix puppies - 8 weeks on May 28

These  beautiful puppies have a purebred German Shepherd mom and an Airedale dad. Mom is a gentle Shepherd with a wonderful temperament. We are looking for adopters who will spend significant time with them (no full time workers who would leave them alone as they need lots of socialization as puppies). We require obedience training for puppies and will give preference to applicants who have Shepherd or Airedale experience.  We expect these pups to grow to be serious, big dogs who will probably weight around 70 lbs. so no first time dog owners, please.

5/26/02 - All puppies are now adopted. All went to wonderful homes with previous Shepherd experience. Please keep in touch!

Conner - 5 month old Retriever/collie mix - Male

Connor is a five month old neutered male puppy who is full of fun and crazy antics. He just wants to play, play, play. He greets every dog he meets with a play bow. He will make a wonderful addition to any household. He might be too much for small children due to his exhuberance, but he would adore someone who would throw a ball for him. Or, he would be a great match for a lab who's looking for another playmate to wrestle with.

Connor is a smart pup and responding well to obedience training. New adopter will be expected to follow through on the training. No cats as he will try to play with them and won't take no for an answer.

 Adopted to a family who had just lost their elderly Shepherd. He's doing fantastic in his new home and has totally calmed down. His Dad says it's like he's been there forever. Congratulations, Connor!

Katie - 8 year old female German Shepherd mix

Katie is a beautiful female Shepherd mix whose owner has fallen on hard times. She has been well cared for and is housebroken and lovely. She looks a little nervous in this picture because it was taken at our last adoption event where we temperament tested her. She is a mild energy dog, very healthy. She has lived with a single woman for her entire life so a quiet home would be best. She's perfect for a retiree or single person or someone who likes to go for long walks. She's great on a leash.  Adopted to a very devoted dog loving single woman in NH!

Buster - 8 year old Boston Terrier mix - Male

Buster is an eight year old male Boston Terrier mix who is a very affectionate little guy. He's a 20-25 pound dog who needs a friend to adopt him. He was a stray but was possibly dumped. He likes to go for walks or just sitting out in the sun porch. He loves to go for rides in the car. Adopted to a Boster Terrier lover!


Brandy - 3 1/2 Month Old - Terrier/Beagle Mix

Brandy is a 3-4 month old female pup who is playful and energetic. She is a confident dog who has lots of exercise needs. Please be someone who has time for a puppy. Adopted

Lola - One Year Old - Dobie Mix

Lola is a beautiful one year old Dobie mix who was adopted by a crossing guard in Framingham, a woman with the most beautiful irish brogue you've ever heard. When we brought Lola to her new home, her adopter was waiting with open arms -- AND a huge lamb's wool doggy bed. Lola was just recovering from her spay surgery and still a little groggy so new mom fed her spoonfuls of canned dog food. What a great match. Both are very happy. What a lucky dog! Adopted to a lovely Irish lady!

Sugar - 10 Months Old - Female Sheltie Mix

This little beauty is Sugar, and she is as sweet as her name implies! She is a Sheltie mix who is about 10 months old (as of 5/25). She has the double coat of a Sheltie without the length. Sugar is submissive and a little shy at first. However, she quickly warms up and begs for attention. She will roll over at any time for a belly rub. She is very eager to please and will train very well as long as positive methods are used. She is so anxious to be loved and will be a grateful, loyal companion. Will you give Sugar a chance? She'll bring some "sweetness" to your life! Adopted

Sunshine is a young labby female who came up from NC. She was very thin, but friendly as ever and people-oriented. She's doing great in her adoptive home.

Brownie & Cowbell - 10 1/2 Week Old - Hound Mixes

Brownie (adopted) is a  little hound mix female who was dumped at a McDonald's in NC. She is sweet and petite. ADOPTED

Trigger -1-2 year old Retriever mix - Male

Trigger is a very gentle male retriever mix who was abandoned by his people when they moved. He was tied to the porch with two other dogs. He's a really NICE dog and doesn't deserve such treatment. We're looking for a really good home for him. He gets along with other dogs and is gentle with people. Trigger is currently being treated for heart worm. If you'd like to donate, please send a check to our mailing address above and write Trigger in the memo section of the check. Thank you!


Kayla - 1 year old female Belgian Shepherd Tervuren mix

Kayla is a beautiful 2 year old female Tervuren Shepherd mix who was a stray from NY. She is as sweet as she is exhuberant and she's already housebroken. She knows some obedience commands. She is going to need a fenced in yard and a large place to run. Kids okay. Not sure about cats, so no cats, please.  She can be seen during the day by appointment once you've filled out an application. Adopted


Betsy -- Female Husky - 5 Years Old

This lovely five year old female husky was a stray from Wayland/Natick. She is a very sweet dog. Needs to lose a few pounds. We ran blood work on her and she has a clean bill of health. Would be a nice dog for working couple or family. We are willing to give a senior citizen discount to any retiree still active enough to leash walk a dog or who has a nice fenced in yard for her. She likes to hang out, loves to lie on the cool tile, or to just sniff around in the back yard.  Please give her a chance. She will lose the weight and be a nice companion for someone. Adopted!

Bouncer - 1 year old Lab mix - male

Bouncer is a big lab mix who is currently underweight. He has a heart of gold and really wants to learn. He loves people and plays well with other dogs. He is in a foster home now and having so much fun with their male golden. He needs obedience work, as does any lab, but is a nice, nice dog. 

Bouncer has a slight injury to his left cornea so has limited sight in that eye, but it doesn't seem to faze him one bit. Adopted!

Cowbell - 12 Week Old - Hound Mix

Cowbell's face is expressive. She can look happy, forlorn, playful, mischieveous and downright joyful.

She is very affecionate and possesses guts, gusto, and joie de vive. She loves other dogs, and humans: both adults and children. She has been introduced to cats and although she has not shown any particular interest in them, I think if her only available playmate was a cat, she would gamely try to make friends. Cowbell, is a treasure, and will make someone a very lucky dog adopter. Adopted!

Benjamin is one of the nicest male terriers you will ever meet. He's quiet and affectionate and loves to go for walks. He is calm and crate trained. Will need normal housebreaking and dog walking for exercise.

He is a young adult, neutered male, up to date on shots.Adopted!


Brady is a very submissive female labby girl who is 16 weeks old. She will probably grow to labby size. We met the mother dog, who is a purebred Border Collie, but this dog looks 99% black lab. She will be fine once she's in a home, but is very timid at the boarding kennel where she is temporarily staying. Adopted!

Jeff is a 3 year old beagle who is as gentle as they come. He was spending his days at the humane society in a pen with lots of other puppies crawling over him and never once gave a growl. He is a very endearing and sweet boy.

Jeff would be fine with other dogs, cats, or kids. He lets the other dogs eat his food and is just as gentle as they come. He may have a touch of bassett as he is beagle-looking, but low to the ground. Adopted

Baby is a 4 month old male terrier mix who is very playful and affectionate. He is very terrier-like in personality. Should probably go with older kids and/or adults. Please be a stay at home as this is a young pup. Adopted

Rex is an adorable and confident 15-20 lb. Peke/pom/spitz, we haven't figured out which. He walks well on a leash and seems to be housebroken. Would make a fine dog for working couple or retiree. He is a joyfully happy dog. Adopted

Here's Rex in his southern dog house at the Humane Society where we got him. Adopted

Whiskers is a 2 year old male Airdale/Terrier mix. He's a 37 pound dog who has a beautfiul coat once it grows in. He will need regular grooming as his previous owners did not take care of this beautiful coat and it became very matted. ADOPTED!

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