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Dogs Adopted in May 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in May, 2002

 Cross, 1.5 year old female Hound mix    Adopted
Cross is a droopy-eyed hound, possibly with a little Shar pei mixed in. Cross was rescued from a "kill line" in South Carolina. She was then bounced from "pillar to post" until, thankfully, she ended up in North Carolina with a rescue group who included her in the last transport to Save A Dog. She loves rides in the car, pats, hugs and cuddles. In short, Cross is a Gem of a companion whose only desire is to be close to "her person". She is a favorite among the Save A Dog volunteers.

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 Tinkerbell, 5 Months Old Female Beagle Mix    Adopted
My name is Tinkerbell, and I am magical! I really like to play and give kisses. I hope you can see that I am a real cutie! I have a pretty sweet personality too! Let's just say I have looks and personality!! I am playful and lots of fun. I came from a wonderful organization in KY called PAWS.

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 Buster, 4 year old female Beagle mix    Adopted
This is Buster and yes, she's a girl! She has a lovely disposition and is a wonderful size too - not too big and not too small! She weighs 35 lbs. She was from a home where there were 6 children from 15 down to 3 and was wonderful with them.

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Muchie, "Moochie" is a 1.5 year old neutered male Pom, large sized, 20 lbs. nevertheless a Pom. Rides well in the car, good on a leash. Affectionate. Adopted


Teddy, 3 year old neutered male beagle who was abandoned at a boarding kennel since Christmas. A very friendly, playful beagle boy, purebred. He would make a great playmate for another dog or a dog for an active adopter. Adopted

Minnie - Tiny Female Lab/greyhound mix (SATO) 2.5 years


No picture of Minnie


 Minnie was a Sato dog and is a true brown mutt who is tiny greyhound in appearance. She weighs around- #40-45, and is 2.5 years.  She gets excited when she first meets you, but quickly settled down nicely. Minnie is a real snuggler and looks like a small version of a yellow lab. Another very cuddly, lean-into-you kind of dog.  Minnie came in with Julie, who is already adopted. She has lived with cats and children. Adopted!

Charlie and Murphy - 1 year old Chinese Crested males

Charlie Bell is a cute 5 pound chinese crested powder puff.  He is
small, only about 5 pounds, but leggy.  He is already fixed, very shy,
but warms up quickly, and very playful.  Once he gets to know you, he is
a velcro dog, and grabs you with his mouth if he thinks you might be
leaving. He has used a doggy door, and is housebroken, although somewhat
forgetfull during this time of adjustment. He is used to a crate.  He
will be 1 year old this month.  

Murphy is also a powder puff.  He is big for a Chinese Crested, around
15 pounds, and looks like Benji, the Disney dog. He too is already
neutered.  He is braver than Charlie initially, but takes longer to warm
up and is more sensitive.  He is also crate trained, doggy door trained,
and is house broken once he gets into a routine.  He will be 1 year old
in June. 

They both love the car, and are great with cats. These dogs have grown
up together in a loving home.  They were well cared for, and we have
full vet records for both. An acrimonious divorce forced the owner to
give them up.  Although they both grew up with children, they are very
delicate and we do not want to place them with young children.  We
promised the owner that we would try to keep them together, so first
preference will go to applications for both.  

Twiggy - 5 month old female Red Tick Coon  Hound

Twiggy, so named for her physique and large round eyes, is a 4-5 month old Red Tick Coonhound. She is all legs and playfulness. She came from a southern shelter where she came in as a stray with a nasty rope burn on her neck. Her neck is healing wonderfully and she is just so much fun. No baggage on this girl. She is all fun and sweetness, but very needy for people contact. This is not the type of dog to get as a friend for your dog and leave at home all day. She really loves to snuggle up with you. She also loves running in the back yard chasing balls and just playing. Adopted

Kimba - 1.5 year old female German Shepherd Dog

Kimba is a 1.5 year old beautiful German Shepherd, female. She is an incredibly affectionate and loving dog who was given up by a family whose adults worked full time and didn't have enough time for her. Preference will be given to adopters with flexible schedules or work from home people. She may be too much dog for families with young children or retirees, but perfect for Shepherd lovers as she's a purebred dog and full of the Shepherd characteristics. She's so awesome, half our volunteers want to adopt her but we all have too many dogs already. She gets along with other dogs and is cat friendly too.Adopted!

Cheesecake - 10 month old female Collie mix

How about some Cheese Cake? Oh, I know, that's a pretty cheesy name. Guess they named me that because of my yellow and white fur. Or maybe because I am so sweet!! I'm a female Collie mix who is about 9 months old (as of 4/10). I am very friendly and a bit submissive. I won't try to boss anyone around! I get along great with other dogs and all kinds of people. I will fit into any home no matter how many dogs or kiddies you have. I am smart and all I want to do is please. So please, have some Cheese Cake? The kind that's not fatting and is good for you. I came from KY and my Boston rescuers say I'm a Farm Collie. Whatever. Adopted

Tasha - 8 year old female Lab/collie mix

Tasha is a female lab/collie mix whose owner is moving and having a baby. She is a healthy dog who was raised as an only dog. by a young couple. She would do well with a quiet situation. She has been vetted and is very healthy. She's a young eight year old who still has lots of energy and playfulness. She has a sweet personality.


Jade - 6 mo. old female Lab/hound mix

Jade is a six month old female Lab/shepherd mix with a touch of hound thrown in, at least by appearances. She was rescued by someone who didn't realize that his land lorad wasn't going to allow a puppy. She is so, so eager to bond with someone and deserves to be in a home where she will be loved and trained. This dog has a lot of potential. She can be shy at first, for about 2 seconds, then she melts and is your best friend. Adopted!

Zoe is a nine week old retriever mix, just in. Adopted!

Megan - 1 year old female Lab/collie mix

Megan is a 1 year old golden/collie mix who has begun to show a wonderful playful and energetic personality after giving birth to puppies 2 months ago.  She is learning to play with her foster family's dogs and is very people-oriented.  She is a true diamond in the rough.


Boomer - 5 Months Old - Male Lab Mix

Boomer is a smallish lab retriever mix pup who was dumped on the porch of someone who didn't feed him. He was brought to the PAWS shelter in Paris, KY, fattened up and cared for and brought to Save A Dog in Framingham, MA. He's a real cutie and is very friendly. He has the nromal puppy energy and loves to play. A family with stay at home mom would be great. Adopted!

Heather - 5 1/2 Months Old - Female German Shep/Australian Shep Mix

Meet the gorgeous Heather! She is a female German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. She looks mostly German Shepherd, but has beautiful light blue eyes. They are so striking with her dark coat. She is 5 1/2 months old (as of 5/25). She is a medium sized dog and we do not think she will be as large as a German Shepherd. She is a smart girl, but is a little shy. She just needs a stable home with love to grow confident. She is fine with other dogs. Heather is waiting to steal your heart. Please come give her the chance!

Emily - 5 Months Old - Female Lab/Border Collie Mix

Hi there! My name is Emily and I want to tell you about myself. I am a Labrador/Border Collie mix. I have the build of a Lab, but some of the coat of a border collie. Personally, I think I have the best traits of both breeds! I am a real cutie and sweet too. I am 5 months old now (as of 5/17) and am ready to run, romp and play! I have that normal puppy energy and curiosity. I am a friendly girl and promise to be a wonderful companion. All I ask for is a home so I can be loved and love in return. Can you help me out? Please say Yes! Emily came from a wonderful shelter called PAWS in Paris, KY. A big thanks to this organization!  Adopted!

German Shepherd Mix puppies - 8 weeks on May 28

All adopted!

Gypsy - 1 1/2 Years Old - Female Beagle/Terrier Mix

Hi everyone! My name is Gypsy. I came to the shelter with my brother Gus and some other dogs. Our owner could no longer properly care for us, so they brought us to the shelter. I am a Beagle/Terrier mix with the coloring of a German Sheperd. I am a small dog who weighs only 20 - 25 lbs. I am 1 1/2 yrs old (as of 3/23) and won't get any bigger. I am a loving, outgoing dog. I am friendly and very sweet. And I just love to play with people or any of the dogs here are the shelter. I run around and chase my kennel mates and have the best time with them. I would love to be in a home where I could have fun with you! I would give you lots of love, and only ask for love in return. Can you help me? I came from a nice organization called PAWS in KY.


Punky Brewster - 1 Year Old - Female Beagle Mix

Meet Punky Brewster! She came to us as a stray, and is hoping to find a home. She is a Beagle mix and is about 1 yr old (as of 3/1). She has your typical Beagle personality - friendly, happy, easy going and sometimes vocal. She is in foster care now and her foster parents report that she is doing wonderful! She is very loving and affectionate. Give her attention, and Punky is one happy girl! She is pleased when beside you or in your lap. And if you let her, she is happy to give kisses! She is already housetrained and is learning tricks. She gets along fine with dogs, and does not bark very much at all. She is great with kids and even gets along with cats. What more could you want? She will be a super companion for any situation. She is great with kids and cats and is already housetrained.


Wynona - 5 month old female Lab mix

Winona is an adorable 5 month old female Labby girl, probably mixed with collie or something small. She is small but full of energy and love. She wants to play every minute and is just a love bug. She came from a shelter in West Virginia and was saved from being gassed along with a few others. What a lovely dog.


Izzy and Mitzi are two new husky/lab mixes, just in. Nine weeks old.


Gretchen is a nine week old retriever mix, just in.

Harrison - 1 year old male Chocolate Lab mix

Harrison is a loving, friendly people oriented Lab mix who has prior obedience training. He gets along with other dogs and shows no interest in cats and is housebroken. He needs a little bit more work on his indoor manners, but he is house broken. The ideal situation would be a large fenced in yard with another lab to play with. He would not do well alone all day. He does not like the crate and is too young to be left in the house without supervision.


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