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 Available Dogs
  Skippy, 1.5 Years Male Corgi/Basenji/Terrier  Mix
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Available On: 9/27/14

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Skippy is from St. Thomas. Skippy is a cute little guy, with lots of spunk. Skippy is shy at first and takes time to warm up to new people. Skippy would do best with a fenced in yard to help him build his confidence. Skippy has been in a shelter for awhile so he has low expectations. He could go with a working person. Skippy is being neutered Thursday, October 2nd, He will be available this coming weekend to meet you.

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  Sebastian, 1.5 Years Male Dobi/Lab/Terrier/Beagle  Mix
Sebastian   Sebastian
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Available On: 9/20/14

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Sebastian is from St Thomas, he is 1.5 years old and weighs 38 lbs. He is the cutest dog and really still a pup. He has a fuzzy face that is beyond cute. It's hard to believe he was picked up as a stray. He is an energetic pup so would like an active family or another energetic dog sibling to play with. He would not do well if he had to be alone most of the day. He loves to play fetch and to play with his squeaky toys. He settles down and snuggles inside. He is housebroken too. Sebastian is not in foster so available to meet this week. Come meet this guy!

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  Dawn, 1 Year Female Collie/Corgi (small)  Mix
Dawn   Dawn
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Available On: 9/13/14

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Dawn is a pretty little girl, a small <25 lb, 1 year old mixed breed who is Corgi-sized. She loves to play with the other dogs at the shelter. She is good with cats, ignores them, is gentle, quiet as a mouse, and settles easily in a home. Dawn is fearful of men, but she seems fine with teen boys and younger. She is on the shy side and can be scared by some noises. We think a fenced in yard will make Dawn feel safe and build her confidence. Don't miss out on this awesome dog. She is spayed. On one of her pictures, she looks cross-eyed, but she's not. Please apply at

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  Jada, 1 year, 8 months Female Brittany/Pointer/Terrier  Mix
Jada   Jada
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Jada needs a great home! She has lots of puppy behaviors and just needs some training. We've had other dogs just like her and training would take her far. Won't you be the one to rescue her and let her blossom in your home? We think an adult home would be best as she plays too rough with kids. She loves other dogs and another big dog would give her enough exercise to redirect her mouthiness on people, preferably a male dog as opposite pairs work best. She's so cute and is not that big. One ear is up and the other is down, depending on what day of the week it is. She is already spayed and ready to go. Jada says: I LOVE the water. I would be happy with a doggy pool. A beautiful gem from St. Thomas, Jada was scheduled to be euthanized, but several shelters and rescue groups worked together to get her here. She's so friendly and engaging! She's so happy to be with people that she has the biggest smile when you talk to her. She's also very dog friendly. She is not good with cats though. She will play in a kiddie pool for hours doing dog paddle and rolling around to cool off. It would be great if her new home vacationed near water or had a pool! Jada is in a foster home so only available by private appointment.

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  Fritzy, 2 years Male Yorkie / Shih Tzu  Mix
Fritzy   Fritzy
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Available On: 8/16/14

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Fritzy will not be at our Thursday Meet & Greet. Fritzy is a 2 year old neutered Yorkie Shih Tzu mix who needs a holistic-minded adopter. He had a reaction to his rabies vaccine so can never be vaccinated again. He is up to date on vaccines and doesn't need anything from hence forth. He is a nice dog. He loves to be outside, go for walks and walks well on a leash. He is currently learning to heel on the leash and does fairly well except when he is excited about seeing other dogs or people. He will match your activity level. If you are quiet and calm and just hanging out around your house, he will lay down in his bed or on a chair. If you are an active family, he would love to run around and be with you as well. He loves children and is very good with them. He will occasionally jump up on them when excited, but has interacted well with school aged children and younger. He is shy with other dogs, but has shown no signs of aggression toward other dogs or people. He ignores his fosters cat. He doesn’t bark too much, but does bark some when he hears people outside. He sleeps in bed with his human at night and does not make noise or get out of the bed at all during the night. He likes to snuggle up with you at night. He doesn’t like to be left alone. He will bark, scratch and chew at things that he can get access to when left alone. He also would need to be watched closely by the door as he likes to run outside. His foster mom has tried to have him sit and wait before he goes outside. He does fairly well with this but needs to be kept on leash. He also likes to follow you everywhere you go (I think to make sure that you are not leaving him). He rides okay in the car with some form of restraint, although he does whine some when he rides for a while in the car. He likes to look out the car window. He had a bath while he was here and although he didn't like it very much he allowed me to wash and dry him. He also tolerated being clipped with electric clippers. He needs a stay-at-home who will train him that leaving him for short periods is not the worst thing in the world. He would do best with some structure from day 1. Yorkie experience would be ideal. PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS ONLY as he's in a foster home. We welcome donations to help pay for his hospital expenses from the vaccine reaction. Thank you!

Dorrie Stoops Jacqueline Oberg Dawn Grann

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  China, Young Female Cockatiel

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This found cockatiel is looking for a home where her person will cook her birdie bread, and feed her fresh fruits, vegetables and grains in addition to her mixed dry diet (mostly pellets, small amount of seed). She would love to sit on your shoulder all day while you work and preen your hair and ears. She always wants to come out of her cage when you open the door. She is fully flighted but doesn't explore her environment that much, instead preferring to just sit on her person's shoulder. She will go to both her foster mom and her boyfriend and hang out with them for long periods of time. She asks for you to rub her head and then pulls her head away before giving you the chance to scratch her feathers. I think once she gets comfortable with her new family, she would definitely let people scratch her head feathers. She loves to play with toys, she chews up soft pine wood toys, manipulates leather and beads and will nibble on paper towels. She also likes to ring bells on toys, and will even hold the toy in her foot while she plays with. She needs a home where she will be provided with lots of toys to play with throughout her life. Most bird experts recommend 12-16 toys should be available for a bird to play with at any one time, and recommend adding or moving them around their cage at least weekly to keep their environment interesting. Email for an application. We don't know how old she is, but she's young.

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  Leo, 1 Year Male White Shepherd or Husky/Pyr  Mix
Leo   Leo
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Available On: 9/22/14

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Leo is a one year old Husky/Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix who is totally gorgeous. He has a wonderful temperament too. He's a big puppy with lots of love and playfulness to give some lucky family. Leo is a happy boy. He loves kids, though with his size, older ones would do best. Leo will chase cats to play not to hurt them. He gets along with other dogs and will back away from dogs that are acting dominant. Leo is almost completely housebroken. He does well in a crate but, for his sake not for long durations. Leo was living a sad and lonely existence, he was tied with a short rope to an open porch. No shelter and food only when the humans tossed him some scraps. Some nice rescue people approached the people and asked to take Leo off their hands and lucky for him he was on his way to a much better life. Leo will do best with regular exercise and someone to play with as he is young. Leo would just Love to Love His own forever family.

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  Misty, 3-4 Years Female Shih Tzu  Mix
Misty   Misty
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Available On: 8/30/14

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Misty is the most precious 3-4 year old Female Shih Tzu who needs some TLC due to a repairing broken jaw. She needs surgery to rewire the jaw and remove broken teeth. We expect she was kicked. Misty was dumped a high volume kill shelter and left to die. This adorable sweetheart did not deserve this kind of treatment. Along with the broken jaw she suffered severe hair loss due to a flea allergy. She probably was forced to live outside. Thankfully Misty has been in a loving foster home where she has progressed, healed and come into her own quickly. Her mouth is still sore so we're going to wait until her jaw is completely healed before sending her to her special adopter. Meanwhile we need to raise funds to pay for her surgery. The vet hospital quoted us at least $1600. Despite her ordeal, Misty is very playful and friendly with people, dogs and cats. True to the breed, Misty is a companion dog and wants nothing more than to quietly be near to her person, but not in a clingy sort of way. She is not the dog to be companion to another dog as she much prefers to be near her person and she doesn't need other dogs or small children bumping her face. She is extremely loving and affectionate. She also has bursts of comic playfulness. She has a great appetite and has been on a soft diet. Her diet is helping her hair loss and her regal flowing coat is beginning to thicken and shine. She is house trained, crate trained and excellent on leash. Misty is waiting to be someone’s cherished love. We will show her by private appointment once she is recovered.

Cindy Sragg Suzanne Art Darleen Doona
Barbara Quinn Arlene Glasser Frederick Haines
Alecia Baran Alecia Baran Jacqueline Oberg
Sara Curran Stephanie Curran Stephanie Curran

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  Kensie, 1.5 years Female Boxer/Bully  Mix
Kensie   Kensie
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Kensie is a 1.5 year old Boxer/Bully mix who loves life. She loves to play, loves her kiddy pool (stays out of the big pool), and loves to go for long hikes. At the end of the day she loves to curl up with you or on your feet. She likes to meet people. She is not generally a barker. The mailman comes and she does not bark at him. Kind of amazing since the other resident dog barks. Kensie loves to carry her toys around the house and enjoys getting a toy out of the doggie toy bin. She loves to play ball - either with herself or her family. She plays well with other dogs and is tireless. She enjoys Kongs with crunchy treats and has a good time bouncing the Kong to get the treats out. She will let you take a chewy/bully stick/antler away from her even when she has been chewing it. She loves her food. She is very gentle when you give her treats. She needs an active family to keep up with her. A fenced in yard and work from home or doggy daycare would be great. KENSIE WILL NOT BE AT OUR MEET & GREETS. WE ARE HAPPY TO ARRANGE A PRIVATE APPOINTMENT.

Last Modified: 9/7/2014 1:24:09 PM EST
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  Laurel, 4 years Female Belgian Malinois  Mix
Laurel   Laurel
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Laurel is a beautiful Belgian Malinois who is a sweetheart of a dog. She is friendly and loves everyone! She's good with dogs, cats, and people. She looks big in the picture but she's actually petite. From her foster: She plays really well with our dog (pictured here). She eats well. She loves to just hang out with us. She is 100% housebroken. She is quiet all night and never the first to wake. She is quiet and easy, a pleasure!! She loves to play with toys and would love another dog or teens in her forever family. She will retrieve the ball for as long as your arm holds up! Laurel is receiving ozone therapy, supplements, and homeopathic remedies as her blood work showed some kidney damage. She is also will need to stay on the kidney diet she is presently on. She doesn't act sick at all now, but when we first got her she was in rough shape. Any adopter would need to accept that life holds no guarantees and that she could live a full life or not. This is true with any dog and Laurel is no exception. Laurel is in a foster home so she is available by private appointment only.

Last Modified: 8/23/2014 7:23:58 PM EST
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  Coco, ~ 4 years Female Whippet  Mix
Coco   Coco
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Coco is a 4 year old Heinz 57 (mixture of many breeds). She is very healthy and would make a wonderful pet for anyone without little dogs in the home. She was found on the street in Mexico during a visit with family 3 years ago; she was starving and dragging her rear paws behind her. The family took her home and nursed her back to health and have had her since. Unfortunately, the family's chihuahua's are not getting along with her and she has had it with them too, though she got along just fine with many other dogs she has been around, including a beagle mix that they had for 12 years. She has a wheel chair that she can use, and gets along just fine walking and running without it on grass or smooth surfaces. She has full control of her bowels/bladder and is fully housebroken. Please apply online as she is not at the shelter.

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