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Fundraiser at The Villa Restaurant
  Tuesday, January 31, 2017   11:30am-9pm   Join us at The Villa Restaurant in Wayland! Lunch or dinner, take out or dine in. A percentage of your meal check will be donated to Save A Dog - what could be better!!! We will have a retail table set up in the lobby where you can buy our 2017 calendars, tshirts, fleece jackets and other SAD logo items. We hope to see you there!!
Please read our "How to Adopt" information and then fill out an application if you would like to be contacted, or come to a Meet & Greet. Thank you!
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 Available Dogs
  Foxy, ~ 4 years Female Corgi/Chi  Mix
Foxy   Foxy
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Available On: 12/3/16

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Foxy is ADORABLE! She is Corgi-sized and just wants to be your pal. She's about 4 years old, perfect for a single or a retiree or a couple. She will sit by the fire or go for a walk. She's an easy keeper. She was originally adopted from the St. Croix Shelter as a puppy, and returned recently. The only reason they gave is that they could no longer care for her. I think she may have been an only dog. They had her in a foster home over a long weekend and she did really well with the foster mom's little dog. Although nothing ever happened, foster mom felt she was a little too interested in her cat. Then the foster had to go off island so she didn't get to explore that further. Foxy LOVED the Shelter cat, but really wanted to chase another feral cat that showed up a couple weeks ago. So I guess it will depend on the cat whether she could go to a home with cats. Her usual playmate at the Shelter was a boxer mix, but she was afraid of two other big dogs so it will depend on proper introductions. She's currently in a foster home with small dogs and she loves to give them kisses. She is available now and won't be here long once everyone sees how cute and lovable she is. Save A Dog is located at 604 Boston Post Road in Sudbury MA.

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  Petey, ~ 3.5 years Male Jack Russell / Chihuahua  Mix

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Available On: 1/12/17

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Hi, My name is Petey and my owner lost her home and had to give me up. I lived a charmed live up until then. She was very sad and I'm sad and confused. I was very well loved and was raised with kids. I'm frightened but I will come around. I'm trained on leash and won't get into your stuff. I'm getting neutered on Tuesday the 10th and I will be available a few days later. I hope someone will give me a chance and love me or even foster me until my Mom finds a home again. I'm a VERY SWEET boy.

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  Adonis, ~ 2 years Male Lab/Shepherd/Whippet  Mix
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Available On: Private Appointment

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FEMALE HOME ONLY! Adonis is a shy 2 year neutered male Lab mix who tends to bond with one or two people in the home so we're looking for a quiet home for him. He's afraid of men, so an all female house is what he needs. He came to us from St. Thomas, hence he considered as a "Coconut Retriever". He is a handsome lad who needs to find his forever home with the right adopter as he can take some time to get accustomed to new people. He's not a dog for a busy household as he wants his own people and does not warm up quickly to strangers. For his family, he is at ease and loyal and can be a lot of fun. He LOVES the water. Give him a chance to splash around in a lake and he will take it, but be warned you will get wet! He is very polite meeting other dogs of all sizes. He loves the beach and that's his element. He is in his glory when at the beach or lake. He loves the car and will jump in (and out!!). He recently mastered the sit command and he will amuse himself with squeaky toys. He will chase a Frisbee, sticks and sometimes a ball and is working on bringing them back. A fenced in yard is necessary to keep him safe and give him access to the outdoors where he shows his zest for life. A dog friend would be great!. We know Adonis well and we welcome the opportunity to guide the special person who adopts him. You wont be disappointed as he will be your forever friend for life. Adonis is available to meet and will be shown by private appointment. Update: Adonis is heart worm free. Apply at

Last Modified: 11/9/2016 7:13:42 PM EST
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  Teddy, ~ 9 years Male Black Lab
Teddy   Teddy
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Imagine a big old Lab who minds his manners and explores the yard during the day sits by your feet at night? Teddy is the perfect dog. He's a purebred Lab who recently turned 9 years old. He is a sweet dog who wants to please his people. He likes to wade in the pond and is fascinated with frogs. He will trot after his foster dad when the lawn is being mowed to see if any little critters scatter along the way. He likes to chase after a mouse or a bunny, but never catches them. Teddy will be best in a home without cats as he wants to chase them.

He's a happy boy who is content to sleep by your feet when you're watching TV or follow you around while you do your chores. Teddy is house-trained and has good manners. He has had some separation anxiety, but it hasn't been much of an issue with his current foster providers who are retired. He can be alone while you run errands, but not all day. Do you have room in your home and heart for him? He is fine with visiting grandchildren, but will run away from toddlers if they are too fast. Please apply online so we can arrange for you to meet him.Teddy is being fostered up in NH but will come down once he receives your application. No cats!

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  Lucy, 2 years Female Boxer / Corgi / Basset  Mix
Lucy   Lucy
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Adoption Pending

Lucy is a 2 year old spayed female mix who weighs 23 lbs. She has a Boxer face and markings and short legs like a Basset or Corgi. She was rescued in Indiana and lived on a farm with lots of other dogs. But she got adopted and the household took in another female Corgi too close in age and size so fights broke out and Lucy has lost her home. She hated the crate but they crated her to keep her safe from the other dog so she developed anxiety. Medication did not help and made her more anxious, especially around crates and gates. A holistic-minded home would be a dream for her as she needs calm energy in her new home and homeopathic remedies which we know work better than pharmaceuticals. Lucy is an old soul and so soft and gentle. She loves her people and would be okay alone for a couple hours as you get her acclimated to your home. She would do best with an adopter who has dog experience. We just don't want to take a chance of having her lose her home again so we will place her as only dog. She can probably eventually live with a male dog. Lucy has a lot to offer. She loves long walks and loves to ride in the car. She rides nicely in the back seat. She is a people lover and is house trained and good on leash. She likes her people close by or she gets anxious. She is not destructive, though. She loves cuddling and belly rubs.

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  Bing, ~ 8 years Male Shih Tzu  Mix
Bing   Bing
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Adoption in Progress

BING WILL BE AT THE SHELTER ON SATURDAY FROM 12-3 PM! COME MEET HIM! Bing is 8 yrs young and weighs just a smidge over 17 lbs. Because of his ongoing medical issues, we are looking to place him locally. Hes super sweet, affectionate, gentle, very calm and laid back and loves to just hang out -- his favorite place to nap is in the laundry basket. He loves people. Hes good with dogs and we think he would be good with cats - but he definitely prefers to interact with people. Bing came from a hoarding situation in Houston where the owner passed away and the family surrendered him. We think Bing has the potential to be a therapy dog. Hes good with kids. His foster Mom had a 20 yr old autistic son with downs syndrome (age equivalent of 3 yr old) and Bing just LOVED him. Hes housebroken and crate trained. We prefer a quiet household for him, however. He enjoys car rides. Hes good being bathed and groomed. He does have dry eye (common in shih-tzus) which requires eye drops 2x a day but hes very good about getting drops put in and being handled. Do you have room in your life for this sweet little fella? If so, do not email us but hurry over to our web site to fill out the online application at He is available on 1/10/17. UPDATE: He was seen by the vet and he appears to be blind in his right eye and impaired in the left. He also appears to be hard of hearing, but can hear a squeaky so the jury is still out on that one.

Kelly Naughton Steve Belluardo Dawn elizabeth Clark

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  Prissy, 1 year Female Schnauzer  Mix
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Adoption in Progress

Prissy "Miss Priss" is a 1 year old mixed breed (Boston Terrier / Schnauzer?) who weighs about 35 lbs. She LOVES everyone she meets, dogs included, and is house trained and crate trained. She is a total love bucket. She has a family waiting, but needs to meet the adopter's dog, so it could fall through so we're posting her in case it doesn't work out. Here's some more information about Prissy: I am Potty trained, but please assume Im not for the first week. It was very confusing for me at the beginning. I will sit next to the door outside when I need to go and will go right away or use command go potty.
Crate trained - Ill sleep through the night in my bed though, ideally next to my human but Im totally fine in my crate too. I do love to snuggle if you'll let me.
Commands I know: sit, leave it, drop it, go potty and am working on come. I am still working on all of these with more distractions.
Bad Habits: I like to chew so please give me appropriate toys for that and I promise I wont chew your nice things (I love my elk antlers). I like to eat the little pieces of plush toys so watch me during toy time! Im very curious!
I get along with all dogs and people. I play very nice with my foster brother and love to snuggle with my foster sister. I love to meet new humans! Please let me say hi to as many people as possible!! It makes my whole body wag!
Grooming - I just need a bath now and then when I get stinky rolling in the grass. I shed a bit but its barely noticeable. Im still wriggly for nails and teeth but Im learning to be patient. I am leash trained but sometimes I get a little too excited and will pull. Please keep working with me to walk nice on a leash all the time.
I love the water!! I jumped right into the ocean for some swim time without a second thought my first time at the beach. I like to chase and pounce at the little waves.

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  Molly Brown, 10 weeks Female Welsh Corgi  Mix

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Adoption in Progress

Hi, My name is Molly Brown and I'm a ten week old female Corgi mix. I just flew in from the Virgin Islands and I'm looking for my forever home. Please be a stay-at-home. If you have kids, I need a fenced in yard attached to the house. I'm already spayed so will need supplements to help me finish growing properly. Please apply online before coming to visit me as it helps the meeting to go faster. Can't wait to meet you!

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 Dogs Recently Adopted

  Taco, 2 years Male Poodle / Wheaton  Mix     Adopted
Taco Hi there! My name is Taco and I am a 2 year old Poodle / Wheaton mix. I am quite a character! I even come with a story about my name. I was found at a construction site in Texas, where some nice people would bring me tacos during their lunch. I am now on a diet that is much better for my belly and I weight a smidge under 30lbs. I can be strong on leash so need a strong handler. I am very friendly and get along well with other dogs. I have lots of energy and have a ball running around outside, but my favorite place to be is cuddling in someone's lap. I am also a big kisser so be prepared! If you think that I would be a good fit for you please go to and fill out our online application. Hope to see you soon!
Taco   Taco

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