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 In Memory of  Tribute to Angel and Daisy
Dear Shirley,
I don’t know if you remember us, but we adopted two poodles who were among a bunch of dogs you rescued from a puppy mill in 2005.  Daisy and “Angel” (who we later renamed “Lady”).  I just wanted to update you on them as they are both gone now. 
You didn’t want us to take both of them together because they were very strongly bonded to each other but in our eyes, that is why we so wanted the two of them.  (In the beginning, it was definitely proved you were correct) but with perseverance we were able to break a little of the bond and they accepted us as part of their pack.  When we got them, our vet estimated their ages to be approximately 7 and 9 yrs. With Daisy being the younger of the two. 
We had such a wonderful life with them although at first I did have misgivings.  I had no idea how hard it would be gaining the trust and love of puppy mill breeders but all the sweat and tears were worth it.  I have had dogs all my life and loved them all but never had another who looked at me as adoringly as Daisy.  She was truly my Heart.  Lady was definitely the alpha and had we waited a little longer to rename her, she surely would have been “Diva” as she certainly was! 
I just wanted you to know they both had wonderful lives.  They slept with us every night and had their own little “throne” on the edge of the sofa where they could overlook most of the downstairs to make sure all was well.  They had regular vet care and dentals throughout their lives and if there was ever the slightest question that something might be amiss, they were off to see Doctor Alex.  Daisy started acting strange in 2010 and when our vet could find nothing, we took her to Tufts Veterinary School in Mass for a neurological workup.  We were told that with her symptoms it was most likely a brain tumor and that the only way to tell for certain was an MRI but that it was their opinion that if there was a tumor, it would most likely be inoperable.  Since she wasn’t suffering at all, we should take her home and let her live out her days happily and peacefully, which is what we did.  When her time came, she still wasn’t in any physical pain, but she wasn’t aware of her surroundings and she wasn’t “Daisy” anymore.  She went to sleep peacefully in my arms on 11/6/10, hopefully feeling the love that she had grown to know.
Lady was with us a few more years and after Daisy was gone I think she felt she could relax a little more because she didn’t always have to make sure Daisy was okay and she became more cuddly and loving and playful.  She was getting on in years and was almost totally deaf and her vision was very poor but she was fine in the house and had no problems.  Then all of a sudden one Friday she had a stroke or something and became totally blind and panicky.  She ran around and bumped into everything and was terrified.  I held her until she relaxed and didn’t leave her side the entire weekend.  I slept on the sofa with her until Monday morning 10/28/13 and then we made her final trip to the vet.  With the previous estimates of her age, she was around 18 yrs. old if they were correct.  I held her as I did Daisy and she went to sleep very peacefully also. 
My heart is breaking as I write this but I want you to know they both had a good, peaceful and happy life and I cherish every moment we had with them. I’m also happy, you relented and let us take both of them.  Thank you.
Barbara Ford 
PS:  The first photo is when we went to pick them up at Gail Melanson's house.  The next 2 are when we first had them home.  And the last is when they had taken over our home and we were all a family.  Hope you enjoy them.


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