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 Merlin - Adopted: 11/24/2009

Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 2:00 PM
Subject: Another Merlin Story

Hi Jill:

Hope you don't mind me clogging your email with Merlin stories, but David was walking him yesterday in the Arboretum, and a woman (of course!) came over and said, "Is that Merlin?"

Turns out she was one of the attendants at his neutering at Angell in March - and she remembered him!!!

All this attention doesn't swell his head, fortunately.

We're well, he's great, we're looking at colleges so things are hectic... hope you're well - and here's a picture.




Hi!  Merlin will be at Paws in the Park today.  He's a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix adopted from Save a Dog in November and has been a rambunctious delight ever since!  Here he is, after neutering with his cone collar, imitating a tulip!



Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:16 PM
Subject: Amazing Marathon and Merlin!

Hello Jill:

I couldn't believe it when David told me you noticed Merlin right in the middle of your race!  How wonderful that you ran the Marathon!

Merlin was in his "cone of silence" because he got neutered this week, and is doing very well.  In fact, they told me that they saved his surgery for the last of the day because everyone was having too much fun playing with him, so they stalled it!

We found a great day care for him one or two days a week, and the owner also has a Catahoula; he says they bonded immediately, just like brothers separated at birth (even though Rowdy, the other Catahoula, is much bigger, and has more of a Mastiff look) and they just adore eachother. 

Speaking of Catahoulas, I hope Bernie is as great as ever, and I have to share this with you: YouTube - Catahoula History Movie

On another note, I was so glad to see that Violet has an adoption pending; I "met" her last time I was there, and she seemed such a sweetie...

I also spoke to someone about Polkadogbakery as a possible sponsor for the upcoming Save a Dog event, and was asked for their email:  it's   They sponsored an event here in Brookline (a showing of "Best in Show," ) and they had treats and a raffle basket as a prize.  Speaking of which, a new pet store opened here in Brookline and Merlin won their raffle!  His prize is a free DNA test, so we'll see what turns up!

I'm including two pictures of our Merlin... I don't think he'll ever get as big as Bernie, but he's as lively as ever, and a total joy (except he completely destroys every supposedly non-destructable toy I can find!!!)

Best to you and everyone, and thank you for everything!!


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