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 Ginger - Adopted: 7/5/2006

From: Mary Zeinieh

Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 5:26 PM
Subject: Update on Ginger Girl (Zeinieh)

July 12, 2008

Dear Shirley,

July 5th marked the two year anniversary of Ginger’s adoption.  My Ginger Girl has
brought so much joy and happiness into my life I had to write and say “thank you”.

Ginger is much changed from the dog you and your incredible volunteers saved.  As you
probably recall, Ginger was a local abandon and was saved from the shelter just in time
to save her life.  I adopted a 6-8 month old that was a bit unsure, a bit fearful but bright
and ready for a forever home.

As a first time dog owner I made many, many mistakes and often felt like we were taking
one step forward and two backwards.  I can honestly tell you that at no time, not once,
did I ever question whether or not Ginger was worth the work and time.  She is a gift…

My dog has the best face and the biggest smile,
She loves to run through the woods chasing chipmunks and squirrels that she is too slow
and too noisy to ever catch,
She loves to jump in the lake and swim around, just not too deep - my girl likes to be able
to put her feet down and feel the ground,
Ginger loves to wrestle and play with her big dog friends, especially Shadow, Charlie, and
Ginger has learned to walk with her small dog friends Lilah, Oliver and Atticus, She does
sometimes confuse them with squirrels – we’re still working on that…
At night, my tired, happy dog brings a toy up to bed with her, just in case we’re in the
mood for a little middle of the night play session!

Thank you for saving her.  I love her.  And I think she’s happy.

Best wishes,
Mary Zeinieh

p.s. I’ve attached a couple of photos of Ginger – please forgive the quality.  She is always
in motion and I am a terrible photographer ;-)


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