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Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 12:36 PM
Subject: Update on Sadie

Hi Shirley,
You may not remember us -- it's been almost a year! -- but we adopted Sadie, a wonderful
golden retriever back in the spring.
Well, here we are, almost a year later and she is the love of our lives!  Although she still retains a
bit of her reluctance to try new things, she has become a playful member of our family -- with
several "spots" that she considers hers to live in.
For the first four or five months, she insisted on sitting right at the bottom of the stairs, so that
everyone had to walk over her.  Slowly, she decided to wander a bit, and eventually has ended
up in Betsey's room at night, under her desk.  She also goes to school with Betsey on many
Fridays (Betsey is a teacher at The Carroll School, a school for dyslexic kids) and she is well
loved there, too.
Recently, she has begun to catch things -- jumping up for treats!  We are constantly amazed at
And last week, for the first time, she actually barked!  Just one bark, when she was tag with Sam
-- but we were all dumbfounded...she must be a dog, after all!
I am attaching a picture from the summer.
Hope you and your organization continue to do well,

Save A Dog, Inc.
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