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 Sadie, formerly Luna

December 27 2011

Dear Save a Dog,

I just wanted to share the status of my pup (11yrs old) Sadie.  I'm 28yrs old now and can still remember the day I first saw Sadie 10yrs ago.  My mom and I went to Save a Dog to check out the new group of puppies that were found abandoned.  There were a ton of cute black dogs all jumping around each other playing.  I saw Sadie (was called Luna then I believe) sitting on top of the group just wagging her tail and I  knew I wanted her.  We were able to schedule a solo time with Sadie.  We took her to another room and had her interact with us and she behaved so well and already responded to tone differences. A week or two later my parents house was visited and deemed very suitable considering it had a large yard out in the country side.  I came back from a school trip with Sadie waiting for me ( a total surprise!!!)!!!  

She is the sweetest dog ever.  My mom and I love taking her for walks because Sadie just sniffs and wags her tail the whole time. During the winter she loves climbing a top the snowbanks and walking on them.  She is gentle and kind to all our friends and family and everyone loves seeing her.  She has been on a couple of my photography adventures around N.H., helped me build snowmen when I was little, and loves watching the ducks while on my dad's boat.  Sadie has been the perfect dog, always showing such love. Nothing beats hugging her and petting her head and scratching her ears after some trying or stressful times.  It all just melts away.  She is now 11yrs old and has severe arthritis in her back legs.  She still goes for walks (just not long ones), loves tossing around her toy hamster, and always up for a good pat or belly rub.  She has also had some cancer scares this year where a vet told me she had a week,month, or year to live.  That was 4 months ago and I'm so greatful that my christmas gift was Sadie, still sitting by my feet, tilting her head as I rip the wrapping paper (lol, so cute). Thank You so much Save A Dog, for letting me rescue such a sweet sweet dog!!!!!

Ryan C.

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