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 Allie, formerly Sable


Hi, I just wanted to update you on our one year anniversary of abopting Allie.  She is the love of our lives, everybody loves her.  She has come along ways, though we still have to work on her excitement levels, but she is the most loving and funny dog I've ever own.  I have attached some pictures of our 73 pound bundle of engery.


Thank you


Beverly Stelmach


I finally got these posted, so sorry. She is WELL LOVED, it's clear from the pictures!!! Thank you so much! Shirley



Previous updates


Hi just thought I give you an up date on Allie.  She now weighs about 45lbs is still full of engery.  She graduated her training couse. the trainer was awesome, he came to the house and was able to work on problems that only happen at home.  Although we still have a long way to go we're getting there.  Everybody loves her to death, she still has some puppy issues but as long as I keep up the training and maintain lots of patience she'll be great. We are planning on coming to the reunion on May 23.  Here's some recent pictures of her.


Thanks for Allie

The Stelmach Family

Previous update (she's come a long ways):

Subject: Allie (Sable)

Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I keep saying I'm going to sit down and email you, but I never got to it.  Allie is keeping us very busy!!!! We all love her, but we are so glad when she finally sleeps. We took her to the vet Saturday she's 28 lbs.,and is scheduled for her spaying March 5th, I can't even imagine what she'll be like with a cone on.  We are dealing with jumping and biting, plus she gets mad and snappy when not allowed to do what she wants, and she jumps up on the counters alot.  But we are working on these things.  She doses stay in the crate, after 5-10 minutes of crying, she settles down.  She is excellent when we sit down to eat, she'll walk around the table once and then go lay down. She has her moments with peeing in the house.  Some days there is no problem, others rolls of paper towel. I have never seen a dog pee so much.  She'll pee 2 or 3 times outside and come in the kitichen and pee. She must be all bladder.  I am looking into training as she pulls alot on the walks, and nothing I've done with my others dogs seems to work.  She is still scratching, the vet did a skin scraping and she doesn't have a parasites, so I don't know why she's scratching and chewing her skin.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.   Thanks Beverly

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