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Success Story
 Micki, formerly Penny
Dear Save a Dog,

I've attached the most recent picture of Micki...sitting on Santa's lap! She's just special, and I'm glad I have her. I made a donation to your wonderful cause in Micki's name. Good luck in 06' with all the amazing work you do.

Merry Christmas,

Susan & Micki

Dear Save A Dog,

I adopted Micki (formerly Penny) in August of 02. This past weekend we finally attended your Paws in the Park, I've attached a picture from your website from that day so you'll know which dog she was. She had just gotten her summer haircut, and thank goodness because what a hot day, although a very entertaining one. Micki was micro chipped, which I was thrilled about, and she was very good having it done. I really wanted Shirley to see her because she was a ragamuffin when I first adopted her and very timid, now without a doubt, she is the sweetest, funniest, friendliest little dog; not to mention the most lovable animal I've had in my life. People can't believe she's 4 years old and the guessing game of what kind of dog she might be is funny.

When my parents moved to Florida, they begged to take her with them because they were going to miss her too much - now they just call to talk to her all the time, not me...they want to talk to Micki and I swear she knows their voices! The good news is they miss her so much they plan on rescuing a dog down in Florida - I sing the praises of dog rescue and Micki is a perfect example of why.

Susan Sculley

Dear Save a Dog,

Here are some recent photos of Mickey (formerly Penny). We adopted Mickey about 3 weeks ago and she is doing great!

She had a follow up with the vet soon after she came to us and is healthy and so good when the vet was working with her. We call her the devil dog because she is so little and is full of mischief. She was so timid when we first met her that we never thought she'd become so energetic, she sure proved us wrong! She's a leaper and loves to climb, at first we didn't think she could climb up on anything, because she is so little but one of the first days she was with us she got up on the bed, leapt over to the bureau and took everything off it and placed it on the bed! It must have taken her forever, but she was so proud of what she had done, it was hard to be mad at her for long! She will be starting training in a few weeks and we know she is going to do great, she is so eager to please and loves to learn. As you can see from the picture she has already mastered sitting and has started to let us know when she needs to go out!!

She has become a favorite in the neighborhood with the other dogs and the neighbors, everyone stops to say hello to Mickey, and everyone wants to know what kind of dog she is (dachshund and sheltie we think) We've already had offers to doggie sit when we go on vacation in October. She loves to ride in the car and is a little lady when she meets a new jumping or begging for our Mickey!

Thank you for our little pup, she is a delight and already can't imagine our without her there!

Hi Save A Dog,

We wanted to send you an updated picture of Micki (formerly Penny). She's doing great! We moved to a new apartment in November with several dogs and kids in the neighborhood to play with and lots of woods and fields to explore at the end of our street. She has filled out some and grown a little too. The vet told us she's probably just about a year and now. She did great at obedience school and has mastered some commands really well. We were wondering if you had heard anything about her sister Harmony? We were interested to find out what happened to that little pup. We really want to thank you for Micki, she's such a character. When she first came to us we worried because she didn't like toys and shied away from us a little. Now she is happiest when we play catch, tug, and has a place to snuggle right on our laps. We can't wait till we buy our first house and can come back for a playmate for Micki.

Susan Sculley

Save A Dog, Inc.
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