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Who Will Be at Paws in the Park 2012
 Who will be at Paws in the Park 2012?

We get numerous emails from adopters asking about other dogs who have been adopted through our program. Also, the volunteers that work so hard to rescue and foster these dogs, just love seeing them again! Paws in the Park is the perfect place to meet up with the dogs and their families.

This page has gone over so well in the past years, we are doing it again. It is for those of you who want to tell other adopters and volunteers that you will be at Paws in the Park 2012.

Are you going to be attending Paws in the Park this year? If so, click here and tell us your name, dog's name, dog's former name, the month & year he/she was adopted and any brief message you would like posted. If you have a current picture, attach that too!

At 10:45am we will be holding a "Find Your Pet's Littermate" contest. If you adopted a puppy or dog who had a littermate, you are eligible to play "Find your Littermate" at 10:45 in the Main Ring. Make sure you know your original adoption date and if possible, any other siblings from your dog's litter. Then you can all walk together during the "Walk" part of our event!

We will have a bulletin board and index cards available at the Information booth. These cards can be used to write messages to siblings and/or volunteers regarding where/when to meet. We are planning to set up a meeting area. Ask at the Information booth where this area is.

Phoebe (Previously Smiley) - Adopted: September 2011

Phoebe came from St. Croix via Save-a-dog. Very happy little girl!

Oreo (Previously Gooch) - Adopted: March 2012

Allie (Previously Kenley) - Adopted: January 2012

Allie is a very sweet girl & can't wait to see her siblings!

Mojo - Adopted: February 2010

Mojo was adopted from Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton.

Curly (Previously Curly) - Adopted: April 2012

I love my dog.....beyond all expectations . Thank you for all you have done ...the surgery, the devotion ... Has enableled Curly to have a wonderful life. We are forever grateful!

Sadie (Previously Sadie) - Adopted: March 2012

It feels like Sadie has always been a part of her family. Hopefully we will meet her puppies , who came up from Tennessee after we adopted Sadie.

Jack (Previously Puff) - Adopted: June 2003

I adopted Jack from Save A Dog in June 2003 - almost 10 years ago! He is a happy, healthy boy who has brought so much love and joy into our lives!

Molly - Adopted: August 2011

Bear (Previously Bear) - Adopted: January 2002

Clarabelle (Previously Cookie) - Adopted: July 2011

Rosie (Previously Miss Hot Pink) - Adopted: January 2008

Cross your fingers it doesn't rain!!!!

Parker (Previously Parker) - Adopted: April 2011

Can't wait for him to see all the crew!

Zoe (Previously Kasey) - Adopted: February 2012

Cody (Previously Pez) - Adopted: April 2012

Cody will be 4 months soon!! Hopefully we will have nice weather and he can meet his litter mates!!!

Cody (Previously Pez) - Adopted: April 2012

Cody is 4 months now....hopefully we will have nice weather and he can meet his littermates!!!

Lucy (Previously Emma) - Adopted: March 2012

We're looking forward to Paws in the Park and hoping to see Lucy's two littermates--Reebok and Layla (possibly renamed now) as well as her mom Sophie. Hope the sun comes out....

Molly (Previously Polly) - Adopted: March 2011

Molly (Polly) can't wait to go see some old friends.

Dorrie (Previously Marble) - Adopted: April 2012

An awesome pup who is still growing and coming into her own. Dorrie is a love - smart and trainable. We just love her

Rosebud - Adopted: January 2007

Chance (Previously Chance) - Adopted: February 2012

Chance came to me from Labs4Rescue. He came originally from Chattanooga, TN. I call him Second Chance because that is what he has. Chance is about 8 years old. Everyone and every dog is his friend. Although he was completely untrained when he came to me he is eager to learn and is doing very well. I can not imagine why any one would have turned him into a high kill shelter. We are both lucky to have each other.

Roxy (Previously Riley, Maggie) - Adopted: May 2009

Cosmo - Adopted: September 2003

Cosmo came to me as a puppy from a breeder in Maine and we've been best buddies ever since

Penny and Darby - Adopted: November 2005

Miss Penny and "Mr. Happy Boy" Darby will be attending Paws in the Park again this year. They are sad that their friend Katy won't be meeting up with them this year but are looking forward to seeing all their 4-legged friends and special volunteer friends!

Bernie and Alyce (Previously Bernie ('08) and Shelby ('12)) - Adopted: September 2008

Winston (Previously Titus) - Adopted: May 2012

Logan (Previously Logan) - Adopted: June 2010

Kendall (Previously Kendall) - Adopted: January 2012

A friend to all ...

Josie (Previously Cupcake) - Adopted: March 2007

Hi, We adopted Josie (formerly Cupcake) in the first few months of 2007 - can't quite remember the month. She and her puppies were strays in West Virginia, and had not lived in a home before. But now's she's a completely spoiled and loved pooch, and is the princess of our home. She plays constantly with her beagle brother (rescued from Bones), Max, and can be seen on this video that my daughter made. Many thanks to Save a Dog and her rescuers in West Virginia. The Friedmans

Kelsie - Adopted: May 2011

We attended last year when Kelsie was really little. Looking forward to this year and hoping she can see her mom Sadie, or any of her other siblings.

Effie (Previously Sophie) - Adopted: October 2011

So happy to be part of the rescue effort. Safety & love, everything living thing deserves those two things.

Nyla (Previously Punkin) - Adopted: October 2011

Lucy (Previously Alma) - Adopted: April 2009

We are looking forward to the event. Last year, a number of her pups attended. If they are planning on it again, we look forward to a reunion.

Savanna (Previously Jubille) - Adopted: March 2012

Savanna, Jubille, was found in a cemetery with her litter mates in Arkansas in Feb. She was fostered by her "grandmother" from Feb 1st - March 3rd when we rescued her at the age of 3 mths. She is thought to be a Rhodesian Rdgeback and Shepard mix. One or 2 of her siblings has a full ridgeback ridge! Her foster parent has never encountered the breed before, and she has over 1,000 pups go thru her area in a year! We found her on and she was with Paws and Claws rescue league. She is just what we were looking for if not more! So happy we made a difference :) She did rescue us.

Maddie - Adopted: December 2009

Oreo (Previously Gooch) - Adopted: February 2012


Sophie (Previously Muffy) - Adopted: September 2008

I got so lucky when I adopted Sophie! She was about 5 months old and I met her at a "Meet and Greet". There were lots of other dogs up for adoption, including a pen full of adorable young puppies that most of the people were crowded around, so she had lots of competition. She is the best dog I could ever have found. She loves kids and grown ups, she stays with me off leash and never runs away, she likes to cuddle but she's also independent, and she is uniquely adorable! Thank you for bringing her to me from Tennessee.

Buddy (Previously Tags/Buck) - Adopted: June 2011

Buddy hopes to see his adoptive mum and all the nice people at SAD who were so caring to him.

Phoebe (Previously Bailey) - Adopted: May 2009

Can't wait to see all my friends!

Autumn (Previously Autumn) - Adopted: August 2007

Autumn was our first dog that we adopted from Save A Dog! She has been a delight and our home has been filled with happiness since she joined our family!

Mocha (Previously Mocha) - Adopted: June 2002

10 years with these crazy people! :)

Sophie (Previously Ula) - Adopted: December 2010

Henry (Previously Goofy) - Adopted: May 2012

Our little Henry looks forward to seeing the people who saved him and brought him into our lives.

Lexi (Previously Lexi) - Adopted: December 2011

Lexi has been a great addition to our home. She is a beautiful dog who's full of life. Now that her heart worms are officially gone we are ecstatic about getting her socialized.

sam adams

would love to attend, we did not adopt our dog, but would love to attend if thats ok.

Izzy (Previously Izzy) - Adopted: September 2010

We are hoping to meet Izzy's sister Dizzy and see her foster mom.

Juju (Previously Cody) - Adopted: September 2011

Hinckley (Previously Pete) - Adopted: October 2011

We are so excited to join in on the fun of Paws in the Park. We are both so grateful for all the great memories and happy times Adopt a Dog has provided us in our puppy, Hinckley and are looking forward to extending our gratitude on this day.

Buster (Previously N/A) - Adopted: July 2009

I adopted Buster from a woman in Vermont who had two young children and a husband deployed over seas. Buster was six months old when I adopted him.

Millie (Previously ?) - Adopted: April 2011

Millie is from Georgia and is about 3 years old. Nothing is known about her previous history. She just showed up on the Humane Society's doorstep. She is the sweetest dog in the world.

Elaina (Previously Fudgie) - Adopted: March 2010

We hope we can make it again this year. So much fun. We are so grateful for Save a Dog and bringing us together.

Maugy - Adopted: July 2010

Bits (Previously Missy) - Adopted: December 2010

Thank you Save A Dog! Bits is a small dog with a big heart and a joie de vivre. She gives us lots of love, and we love giving it back.

Angelica (Previously Angelica) - Adopted: April 2009

Angelica is looking forward to romping with her siblings at Paws in the Park!

Bode (Previously Noah) - Adopted: April 2009

Bode was one of Blonde's pups. We would love to see some of his siblings.

Bisbee (Previously Ange) - Adopted: December 2011

Bisbee is thriving! She now weighs 27 pounds, and is a sweet, fraky girl.

Maggie (Previously Tammy) - Adopted: February 2007

Hope to see Maggie's sisters and brother - Cassie, Bella and Tommy!

Lacy (Previously Lacy) - Adopted: February 2003

Thank you for choosing us to be the ones to adopt Lacy. She is a treasure. Amy and Mike

Atticus (Previously Atticus) - Adopted: May 2009

Atty can't wait for Paws in the Park!

Sara - Adopted: May 2012

Sara was adopted once, but returned to the rescue organization when the family valued their vacations more than they valued their beautiful pet. Sara will be joining our family in a week and a half, and we are so excited for her to finally, at age 2, have a home for the rest of her life! We love you Sara! You and Amelia are going to have so much fun at Paws in the Park!

Amelia - Adopted: September 2009

Amelia is smart and beautiful, and loves living in New England! Can't wait to raise some money to help other animals, and meet new friends at Paws in the Park!

Buddy (Previously Buddy) - Adopted: February 2012

Ray, Buddy, and I will be walking at Paws in the Park. I haven't enclosed a picture as one is on my pledge page. We are so enjoying Buddy - he's a lot of fun, and he's a recent graduation of Advanced Attention class at Dogstar Activity Center in Acton. Onward to Agility class! Plus, he's the best cuddler around :)

Jelly (Previously Kelly) - Adopted: July 2010

Jelly can't wait to come to Paws in the Park! We had so much fun last year!

Oscar (Previously Turbo) - Adopted: April 2011

Thank you Save A Dog! Oscar is an amazing dog and we are so in love with him! Looking forward to seeing his litter mates!!

Bailey (Previously Jake) - Adopted: February 2011

Bailey is an absolute joy! We can't imagine our lives without him. Hoping to see some of his littermates at Paws in the Park- he is one of Lucy's boxer mix pups.

Austin - Adopted: December 2011

Austin has become very well adjusted to his new home. He is so sweet and full of energy. He is excited to see all of his old friends!

Prima (Previously Tina) - Adopted: April 2012

Prima is the newest addition to our family. She is such a love bug, and has been an incredible companion for our other dog Ozzy. She has added even MORE joy to our lives!

Ozzy (Previously Flyer) - Adopted: April 2011

Ozzy is the man!! We love him so much. Thank you Save A Dog!! We hope that Ozzy's litter mates are going to Paws in the Park too!

Ranger (Previously Kevin) - Adopted: July 2008

Lab/Golden/Hound mix...he was basically a blonde Lab with wrinkles as a pup. I think there were 3 littermates also with "K" names...they looked more Golden.

Brady (Previously Brady) - Adopted: April 2012

We can't wait to attend, and show off how great Brady is doing.

Maisie Mae (Previously Bambi) - Adopted: September 2007

I can't wait for Paws in the Park! My mom and dad adopted me almost 5 years ago and I get to go running with them and play with so many new friends and am very spoiled. They tell me all the time how lucky they are to have found me :) Love, Maisie

Crosby (Previously Graham) - Adopted: May 2010

Crosby was adopted from the National Great Pyrenees Rescue when he was 6 months old. Scared of his own shadow, he is now a happy, well adjusted dog.

BRADY (Previously BRADY) - Adopted: April 2012

Looking forward to showing you all how great Brady is doing in his new home! Sharon Griffin

Luther (Previously Jerico) - Adopted: January 2012

Looking forward to our first Paws in the Park.

Ringo (Previously Ringo) - Adopted: October 2004

We haven't been able to make it to Paws in the Park since we adopted Ringo in October 2004, and we are looking forward to attending for the first time. Ringo is a wonderful dog and has been an amazing addition to our family. Thank you to everyone at Save A Dog for your dedication and hard work!

Becka (Previously Becka) - Adopted: February 2011

We have had Becka for a year now and she has been a great add to the family! She is truly the goofiest dog I know. She has developed this new habit of whenever she wants to play, she just sticks her butt in the air!

Mya Smith (Previously Lilly) - Adopted: September 2011

We adopted our (fostered)Great Pyrenees/Husky last year and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks to National Great Pyrenees Rescue and Save a dog. We are looking forward to attending this year.

Lil G (Previously Kiah) - Adopted: January 2012

We hope to see her sibling, Indy.

Indy (Previously Ballou) - Adopted: January 2012

We can't wait! Hoping to see Kiah and Bear (Indy's siblings) if they can make it!!

MYA (Previously Eve--#2607) - Adopted: April 2009

Mya is a fun-loving energetic member to our family. She was one of seven pups (I think her mom's name was Blonde?) and we would love to meet owners of her siblings! Thank you for giving us Mya!!

Rose (Previously Chloe) - Adopted: October 2011

We are looking fwd to it!

Chloe (Previously Twilla) - Adopted: August 2009

Chloe, formerly Twilla was one of Molly's pups from Tennessee. We would love her to see her mom, Molly or siblings- Lizzie, Dolly and I believe there was one more sister?

Bear (Previously Bennie) - Adopted: March 2011

Bear previously known as Bennie is from Lady's litter, he can't wait to hopfully see his siblings there!

Riley (Previously Lucky two) - Adopted: February 2011

I'm really excited about attending my second Paws in the Park! I hope to see my friends who cared for me at Save a Dog while I waited for my forever home. My people are pretty excited too. See everyone in June! Love, Riley

Kelsie and Keisha - Adopted: September 2010

We are looking forward to attending Paws in the Park this year. We really enjoyed last years!

bambi (Previously bambi) - Adopted: December 2011

we love having bambi as part of our family and look forward to meeting her friends.

Bandit (Previously Joey) - Adopted: August 2011

Looch (Previously Odie) - Adopted: October 2011

Save A Dog is giving us the best gift ever!! I can't picture life now without Looch in it. My husband and I hope that Looch will be able to see some of his brothers and sisters at Paws in the Park.

Ginger (Previously Strawberry Shortcake) - Adopted: March 2011

Hoping to see some of her siblings or hopefully her mama Dora!

Kasey - Adopted: November 2007

Buster - Adopted: December 2011

Buster has been a great addition to our family. He is such a sweetheart, very smart and happy pup. Everyone he meets falls instantly in love with him. He's quite the social butterfly. Since December he has come a very long way. He has done very well at training and learning the rules of the house. He loves to go for long walks in the woods collecting sticks (many the size of small trees) and had a great time chasing seagulls and barking at the waves on his first trip to Cape Cod. We couldn't ask for a better first family dog.

Honey (Previously Honey) - Adopted: August 2010

We are just having such a WONDERFUL time with ur Honey! SHe is the best thing that has come along for us-her smile, positive attitude and pure joy is so contagious!! Thank you thank you, for rescuing her and bringing her up here for us!!!:)

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