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Who Will Be at Paws in the Park 2014
 Who will be at Paws in the Park 2014?

We get numerous emails from adopters asking about other dogs who have been adopted through our program. Also, the volunteers that work so hard to rescue and foster these dogs, just love seeing them again! Paws in the Park is the perfect place to meet up with the dogs and their families.

This page has gone over so well in the past years, we are doing it again. It is for those of you who want to tell other adopters and volunteers that you will be at Paws in the Park 2014.

Are you going to be attending Paws in the Park this year? If so, click here and tell us your name, dog's name, dog's former name, the month & year he/she was adopted and any brief message you would like posted. If you have a current picture, attach that too!

At 10:45am we will be holding a "Find Your Pet's Littermate" contest. If you adopted a puppy or dog who had a littermate, you are eligible to play "Find your Littermate" at 10:45 in the Main Ring. Make sure you know your original adoption date and if possible, any other siblings from your dog's litter. Then you can all walk together during the "Walk" part of our event!

We will have a bulletin board and index cards available at the Information booth. These cards can be used to write messages to siblings and/or volunteers regarding where/when to meet. We are planning to set up a meeting area. Ask at the Information booth where this area is.

Ripley (Previously Peaches) - Adopted: December 2013

Ripley is a female purebred miniature pinscher. :)

Orion - Adopted: June 2013

Wally - Adopted: March 2014

Wally is doing great and enjoys daily walks on Breakneck Hill in Southborough!

Zoey (Previously Lily) - Adopted: October 2010

Zoey is a white American Eskimo, and she is the cutest thing!

Benson (Previously Benson) - Adopted: July 2008

Benson is the best dog imaginable!

Katie - Adopted: March 2014

Oliver (Previously Olivet) - Adopted: May 2012

Oliver is doing great. He's very healthy, happy, and very spoiled.

Violet - Adopted: April 2010

We are excited to see some of Violet's siblings at this year's Paws in the Park--and maybe her Mama--Raven/Princess--as well!

Roxy (Previously Riley, Maggie) - Adopted: May 2009

Penny (Previously Eileen) - Adopted: March 2013

Penny is excited to come to Paws in the Park!

Rascal - Adopted: June 2013

Marianne - Adopted: January 2014

We are hoping to meet Marianne's sister Luanne, and for Marianne to have a chance to see her again! : -)

Kaylee (Previously Naomi) - Adopted: September 2013

Thanks to Save A Dog for recommending the perfect dog to be a companion for my 105 year old father. They gave each other lots of love and attention up until the end of his life. Now my husband and I are enjoying her sweet disposition.

Millie and Rosie (Previously Izzy and Tammy) - Adopted: October 2013

Bandit (Previously Romeo) - Adopted: May 2013

Bandit is a 2 year old Maltese Lhaso mix adopted a year ago from Northeast Animal Shelter about a year after my almost 17 year old Yorkshire Poodle died of natural causes. He is not afraid of anything and loves everybody particularly big dogs and puppies. We participate in Agility, Rally O, Play Group,the local Dog Park, and he goes to Doggie Day Care a couple of days a week. He easily can walk for over an hour and still have plenty of energy. I call him the "Poster Boy for Rescue Dogs!"

Tucker (Previously Thornton) - Adopted: July 2007

We will be there! And I will be with Ruger (one of dixies puppies from Oct '13) Cant wait!

Athena (Previously Bella) - Adopted: February 2012

Sadie - Adopted: June 2013

Sadie had a great time at Paws in the Park last year, we can't wait to go again!

Stitch (Previously Stitch) - Adopted: February 2014

Stitch and his two pals Naki and Matia will be there

Delilah (Previously Delilah) - Adopted: May 2013

Ruger (Previously Tacoma) - Adopted: October 2013

We really hope Rugers litter mates will be going too!

Maggie (Previously Lisa) - Adopted: March 2013

Petie (Previously Pete) - Adopted: October 2009

Love, Love Love Petie! Wonderful addition to our family!

Brody - Adopted: September 2013

So excited to bring our Save A Dog alum, Brody, on Sunday!

Simom (Previously Diamond) - Adopted: August 2011

Simon came from Tennessee. He just turned 3 and is a very handsome, lovable, naughty hound and we LOVE him!!! He came to us as a 5 month old pup, VERY scared of men - but no longer, I'm glad to report.

SAMUEL (Previously BINGO) - Adopted: April 2010

Lucy (Previously Samone) - Adopted: September 2009

We are so lucky to have Lucy as a part of our family - she brings us such happiness every day!

Misty (Previously Jetta) - Adopted: October 2013

Jazzi (Previously Jazzi) - Adopted: November 2013

Molly Bernstein (Previously Jazzy) - Adopted: September 2013

Nakeena (Previously Nakeena) - Adopted: August 2013

Spice (Previously Spice) - Adopted: July 2008

Spice hopes to see some of her litter mates - Dusty, Sugar, Smokey & Saffron.

Jesse (Previously Chi Chi) - Adopted: January 2012

Maggie (Previously Twist) - Adopted: February 2014

We can't wait for Sunday!

Daisy (Previously Pup Pup) - Adopted: September 2012

Daisy will be attending again this year and bringing her "sister" Lily with her.

Maisie (Previously Spree) - Adopted: April 2012

Ella (Previously Jada) - Adopted: September 2007

Petie (Previously Pete) - Adopted: October 2009

Love, love, love this dog! Wonderful addition to our family!

Oreo (Previously Gooch) - Adopted: February 2012

Lily (Previously Sneakers) - Adopted: August 2012

Halo (Previously Jessie) - Adopted: July 2013

Halo boy from Ginger

Maggie (Magnet) (Previously Shelley) - Adopted: August 2013

Maggie is a lab-Pyrenees mix who came to Save A Dog with her mother and litter mates (Splash, Shakira, Sherman, ...). Her birthday is May 3, 2013, so she will have just turned 1 y/o. She's a little shy around city noses, but loves people, dogs, hugs and belly rubs. She is still learning that our cat Greta does not want to play with her.

Two dogs: Bunkie and Rudy (Previously Susie and Rudy)

Bunkie (Susie) was adopted in July 2010 and Rudy in March 2013. They are best pals and we couldn't be happier to have them in our lives.

Pepper (Previously Tasha) - Adopted: December 2009

Maya (Previously Princess) - Adopted: October 2013

Maya is looking forward to it!

Bobby (Previously Bobby) - Adopted: February 2011

Peyton (Previously Sheila) - Adopted: January 2010

We just moved back to the area and are excited to attend our first Paws in the Park event!

Hunter (Previously Coffee) - Adopted: February 2013

Hunter is fully recovered from heart worm and so excited to be able to make it to Paws in the Park this year. He is especially excited to hopefully reunite with his sister Vanilla!

Henry (Previously Goofy) - Adopted: May 2012

We are one big happy family!

Alice Jones (Previously Kia) - Adopted: October 2013

Jackson (Previously Jackson) - Adopted: October 2012

We adopted Jackson on October 14, 2012 and could not imagine our lives without him. Jackson is such a sweet and lovey boy! He loves his older black lab brother Louie and they play for hours doing what we call "doggie Sumu wrestling" He is really a Mama's boy (good thing because he has 2 Mom's) and absolutley loves to have his belly rubbed! Thank you Save-a-dog ~ Christine & Julia

Penny - Adopted: September 2012

Adopted Penny my second TWC after having to bring my first TWC Billy to the Rainbow Bridge

Wall-e (Previously Brent) - Adopted: October 2010

Sadie (Previously Sadie) - Adopted: March 2012

We adopted Sadie 2 years ago and she's an awesome dog! Hoping to see any of her puppies on Sunday

Chester (Previously Mel) - Adopted: September 2009

Otis (Previously Otis)

My son Elijah and I will be there in Otis' spirit. Shirley and all the volunteers at save a dog were a blessing from god for my family Sage and Otis. We can't wait to see everyone. Otis is the cover of this years save a dog calendar.. #Superstar

Baggins (Previously Buttons) - Adopted: March 2008

Baggins is looking forward to fun in the sun on Sunday !

Patch (Previously TJ) - Adopted: January 2010

Riley - Adopted: March 2006

Rocky (Previously Brew) - Adopted: April 2014

Thank you to everyone at Save A Dog ! Rocky is Very special and LOVED lots and lots !!

Schwarzenegger (Previously N/A) - Adopted: February 2009

Swartzy is a Brussels Griffon, I adopted him at 3 months old, he was covered in poop and my son and I kept visiting the shelter in Salem NH and called him Schwarzenegger the whole time. The women that worked there said, "please take him, we all call him Schwarzenegger now so he belongs to you" He's been with us ever since and we love him dearly!

Mia (Previously Bonnie) - Adopted: August 2012

Mia aka Bonnie is one of Princess' puppies! We hope to see all of her siblings there!!

Penny - Adopted: September 2013

Ziggy (Previously Booker) - Adopted: September 2008

Ziggy had a sister, we think her original name was "Buffy". Both were approx 6 months old at adoption in 9/08. They were from Tennessee. He was described as a "retriever/terrier mix", but we also remember being told there may be some dachshund in there also. ? spent time with the nuns for a bit. Is Buffy out there???

kiera (Previously nancy) - Adopted: February 2006

Kiera had 4 brothers, one of whom was originally named Elvis. She was adopted by us at 9 weeks of age. They were from Paris, Ky and were described as "Lab, Shepherd mix". Kiera would love to see any of her brothers, and so would we...

Finn (Previously Bear) - Adopted: June 2013

Would love to see Finn Bear's brother, Judd.

Gabby (Previously Chloe) - Adopted: August 2013

We adopted Chloe (Gabby) after our other dog passed away. She is the first female dog we have had. She is a joy. She has brought such fun to my life.

Tessie (Previously Tamera) - Adopted: January 2014

Another Amazing Dog from Save A Dog! Thank you!

Duffy (Previously Duffy) - Adopted: June 2010

Duffy is amazing!

Mia (Previously LuLu) - Adopted: March 2014

Our wonderful Mia is a rescue from the Sato Project. She has adjusted to the chilly temps after being in Puerto Rico at birth. We love her!

Wrigley (Previously Simba) - Adopted: October 2013

Very excited to bring Wrigley to his first Paws in the Park. Hopefully some of his litter mates will be there also.

Parker (Previously Apres') - Adopted: June 2013

NEEVY (Previously NOT SURE) - Adopted: February 2013

Neevy was rescue by Paws New England from a high kill shelter in TN.

Moose (Previously Pal's Falcon) - Adopted: June 2010

Moose is a Greyhound from the tracks

Remi - Adopted: October 2011

We got our boy from the National Great Pyrenees Rescue and couldn't be happier! He is a wonderful part of our family :)

Abby (Previously Abby) - Adopted: January 2010

Abby and her people will be attending. Abby has been an absolute joy. She's quite the active, outdoor girl and hopefully she will be completing her all season round of the NH Four Thousand Footers this year. She gets quite excited when she figures out a hike is on the weekend agenda. We're hoping to see her mom Raven(formerly Princess)and a few of her litter mates.

Kala (Previously Kala) - Adopted: July 2008

Hoping to see Kala's siblings,Khaki, Kalen and Kevin. We are looking forward to a great day.

Trea (Previously Shelby) - Adopted: August 2013

Trea and I can't wait for the fun next Sunday!

Darby (Previously Darby) - Adopted: October 2007

Darby is looking forward to attending Paws with his adopted brother Noodles!

Greta (Previously Susan) - Adopted: March 2012

Jackson Wasserman (Previously Tripp) - Adopted: January 2014

My family and I will be attending the Paws in the Park day. We are so happy to have adopted Jackson from Save A Dog. He is such a joy!

Lily (Previously ShiShi) - Adopted: April 2013

Can't wait to see everyone. We are so thankful for Save a Dog!

Lucy (Previously Lucy) - Adopted: March 2013

Lucy's looking forward to Paws again this year and hoping to see some of her kids.

Abigail - Adopted: July 2013

Fast (Previously UMR Flying Fast) - Adopted: May 2010

This will be our 4th year attending Paws in the Park. It's a wonderful day seeing so many different breeds of dogs and meeting new people and getting our message out about Greyhound Friends and adopting greyhounds. I encourage all who can to come out and share the day with us.

Rolo Jupiter (Previously Cindy's Clark) - Adopted: November 2012

We are hoping that Rolo will be accepted into the Therapy Dog program this spring. He is a special dog who loves to please, and is quickly learning new tricks all the time.

Hope (Previously Faye) - Adopted: April 2001

Thank you for all you do!

Ringo (Previously Ringo) - Adopted: October 2004

We adopted Ringo from Save A Dog almost 10 years ago, after he and his 2 brothers) we rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia. He's 11 - 12 years old now and going strong; he's a wonderful dog and beloved member of our family. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Paws in the Park! The Borresen Family

Haagen Dawes - Adopted: August 2013

Pepper - Adopted: November 2013

Lueleu (Previously Violet) - Adopted: January 2014

She is great and she is getting over her scaredycatness!!

Lili Rose - Adopted: December 2013

Lili is my fist dog since I have owned only cats for the past twenty years. She is a 5 pound Chihuahua and looking forward to her first Annual Dog walk

Tara & Eddie

Noodles (Previously Noodles) - Adopted: August 2012

Mr. Noodles is excited to be attending Paws in the Park this year! He will be bringing his brother Darby too!

Snickers (Previously Snickers) - Adopted: April 2010

Koda (Previously Hailey) - Adopted: August 2013

Please pass on my email to the person who adopted Koda's (Hailey) mother (Helen) and brother (Hank)

Rebel (Previously Rebel) - Adopted: September 2013

Rebel can't wait to see all his old buddies from SAD :)

Brady Griffin (Previously Brady) - Adopted: April 2012

2 years ago we rescued Brady from 'Save A Dog', and he is just the sweetest boy and such a joy to have in our lives. Thank you to 'Save a Dog' and all the tireless volunteers! We are also looking forward to reuniting again with his brother, Bear (now Winston) and family :)

Mimi (Previously Rosie) - Adopted: August 2012

Mimi has a brother and sister--they were Tuggles and Sneakers. She'd love to see them again.

Ella (Previously Mocha) - Adopted: March 2013

We are looking forward to this fun day.

Yoda (Previously Hannah) - Adopted: June 2012

We'll be bring our furry little turd yoda! lol she's an adorable little lap dog that loves tearing apart dryer sheets and stuffed animals....hopefully we'll be bring a new dog home for her

Gryffen - Adopted: December 2013

Molly (Previously Molly) - Adopted: October 2003

We adopted Molly 11 years ago from Save A Dog and she has been our "first born daughter" ever since. She came to us as a thin, unwanted dog who just had puppies and she turned out to be sweet, well bahaved and house trained! We love her so much and she is now repaying us by being an excellent big sister to our 2 human children.

Riley (Previously Lucky two) - Adopted: February 2011

I'm really looking forward to my third year at Paws!!!

Mack (Previously Sammy) - Adopted: May 2013

Mack was adopted from a kill shelter in Brooklyn NY at 5 months old and now enjoys his days going car rides and walks in the woods with his owners Francesca and Jimmy

Coda (Previously Hank Louis, Jr.) - Adopted: December 2013

Tico (Previously Jasper) - Adopted: September 2013

Tico has been a great addition to our family. One of our favorite quotes from our 10 yr old about two months after we adopted him "Tico, you're the best thing that ever happened to me"

Riley (Previously Mouse) - Adopted: August 2013

Clio (Previously Tammie) - Adopted: August 2005

We have had Clio for more than eight years. She just turned 14, and is going strong. She won't be coming to Paws in the Park because she doesn't like crowds, but she sends her regards and thanks! The Fans

Izzy (Previously Izzy) - Adopted: August 2010

I will forever be grateful to Save A Dog for saving Izzy and finding her for me. She puts a smile on everyone's face. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully this year meeting her sister Dizzy.

Beau - Adopted: December 2013

Abby (Previously Kandi) - Adopted: June 2013

Abby loves the local dog park, playing with her cousins, and chasing tennis balls. She makes us laugh every day.

Koda (Previously Hailey) - Adopted: August 2013

Sophie (Previously Rhoda) - Adopted: January 2014

Sophie is doing very well. Thank you for the opportunity of adopting her. She s one of eight puppies in a litter. She was 11 lbs when we got her. She now weighs 23 lbs.She is high energy but very loving. We are happy to have her after the loss of our 19 year old dog died.We are hoping to be at the event. Thank You Pam and Gary Macclay

Starbuck - Adopted: September 2013

Marley (Previously Splash) - Adopted: September 2013

I surprised my 3 kids with a puppy. When I came home with Marley ( my huge 3 month old) it was the best day of their life. They still thank me every day. He was the best addition to our family! He has drastically outgrown my children and is the biggest dog in the neighborhood and we love him!

Aadi (Previously Sommer) - Adopted: December 2013

Sounds like it will be a great day! We're looking forward to it!

Hershey (Previously Cookie) - Adopted: September 2013

We are so excited for this! Hershey will be a year old in April, and I can't imagine my life without her!

Lulu - Adopted: September 2013

Lulu is looking forward to a fun time Paws in the Park

sasha (Previously annie) - Adopted: February 2008

Bailey Centauro (Previously AJ) - Adopted: August 2013

Bailey is such a part of our family! He and our one-year old son are best friends! We are so grateful to Save A Dog for letting us adopt Bailey! Looking forward to Paws in the Park.

Yogi (Previously Copper) - Adopted: September 2012

I'm sure Yogi would love to meet some of his siblings!

Shadow (Previously Hayes) - Adopted: February 2008

Love to share the day with our wonderful rescue, Shadow!

Rosebud - Adopted: January 2007

Rosebud will be there with her new friend Lexi.

River (Previously Dixie) - Adopted: November 2013

We are so excited to join Save A Dog at our first Paws in the Park with our Save A Dog Alum River. We hope to meet some of River's puppies adopted out in October 2013.

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