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Who Will Be at Paws in the Park 2023
 Who will be at Paws in the Park 2023?

We get numerous emails from adopters asking about other dogs who have been adopted through our program. Also, the volunteers that work so hard to rescue and foster these dogs, just love seeing them again! Paws in the Park is the perfect place to meet up with the dogs and their families.

This page has gone over so well in the past years, we are doing it again. It is for those of you who want to tell other adopters and volunteers that you will be at Paws in the Park 2023.

Are you going to be attending Paws in the Park this year? If so, click here and tell us your name, dog's name, dog's former name, the month & year he/she was adopted and any brief message you would like posted. If you have a current picture, attach that too!

At 10:45am we will be holding a "Find Your Pet's Littermate" contest. If you adopted a puppy or dog who had a littermate, you are eligible to play "Find your Littermate" at 10:45 in the Main Ring. Make sure you know your original adoption date and if possible, any other siblings from your dog's litter. Then you can all walk together during the "Walk" part of our event!

We will have a bulletin board and index cards available at the Information booth. These cards can be used to write messages to siblings and/or volunteers regarding where/when to meet. We are planning to set up a meeting area. Ask at the Information booth where this area is.

Remi (Previously Remi) - Adopted: March 2019

Remi (Framingham) would love to meet up with her brother, Semi!

Kyle (Previously Kyle) - Adopted: March 2021

We LOVE Kyle. He has brought us so much joy. He is the happiest, goofiest puppy around!

Jackson (Previously Pete) - Adopted: April 2022

Looking for Pete (now called Jackís) brother!

Sadie (Previously Patsy Cline) - Adopted: December 2019

Rosie (Previously Jasmine) - Adopted: February 2022

Rosie (formerly Jasmine) an Aussie-Border Collie will be there. From the ďJĒ litter from Amish PA breeders arrived in Sudbury 02-2022.

Timmy (Previously Timmy) - Adopted: April 2023

Timmy - rat terrier X - canít wait to see everyone and maybe a litter mate! Birthday 10/21/22

Jack (Previously Woody) - Adopted: September 2014

Jack is our 2nd family member from Save-a-Dog. We are so thankful for this wonderful organization🐾♥️

Rae (Previously Rachel) - Adopted: November 2022

I plan on attending

Ellie Mae & Sadie (Previously Ellie (aka Dolli) & Sadie) - Adopted: January 2022

Sadie was adopted in Jan 2022, Ausie/Border Collie from PA ( amish rescue). Elliemae (aka Dolli) border collie came from Moscow Russia adopted her in Jan/Feb 2019 In memorial Anniemae (aka Princess Anne) adopted in 2008-2021

Chester (Previously Jack) - Adopted: May 2022

Part of the J litter that came up from Louisiana last May!

katie kiwi - Adopted: November 2018

katie kiwi. the absolute love of my life. she was a run away the first week we got her and was gone for ten days. the town of wakefield was looking for her and Shirley you came to wakefield and you prayed for katieís return. and she did come home. she is has her emotional support dog jacket and is a very good dog❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

Charlotte (Previously Sugar) - Adopted: December 2021

Our little Charlotte has brought us so much joy. Sheís such a loving and energetic dog. She loves walks, hikes, and racing around the yard chasing bunnies. She is great with other dogs and loves to run around with her friends.

Wags (Previously Stephen) - Adopted: March 2022

Simply the best boy. We adore him!

Sami (Previously Opal) - Adopted: May 2022

Selkie (Previously Karen/Kari) - Adopted: August 2021

We are looking forward to meeting Michelle Lewis from LaMa as well as checking in with Jacqui who fostered Selkie.

Suzie (Previously Suzie) - Adopted: December 2018

Suzie looks forward to paws in the park every year. She canít wait to meet new furry friends

Layla - Adopted: November 2021

Annie Jacobson (Previously Mary Ann) - Adopted: February 2022

Looking forward to this event. Annie will have fun reconnecting with old friends!

Charlotte (aka Charley) (Previously Chelsea) - Adopted: June 2018

We were so lucky to adopt Chelsea she is one of a kind and we adore her. Thank You!!

Lily (Previously Lil Girl) - Adopted: May 2020

My name is Lili. I was rescued and sent to along with my buddies Patch and Baby, as well as my newborn pups Ranger and Radar. Love my home, three years now. See you all there!

Finn (Previously Brady) - Adopted: February 2021

We can't wait!1

Kobe (Previously Nico) - Adopted: May 2022

Hoping to reunite with the rest of the litter!

Pepper (Previously Tessie) - Adopted: June 2019

Sunny (Previously Rhianna) - Adopted: May 2022

Koda (Previously Tulip) - Adopted: October 2020

Hoping to meet up with any of Koda's 11 siblings or her sweet momma, Daisy!

Ruby (Previously Melissa) - Adopted: July 2022

We will be there, but not in time for the find your littermate, sorry, Marty, but hopefully people will recognize Ruby/Melissa

Java (Previously Coffee) - Adopted: January 2021

Just curious, is Java's (Coffee's) brother Hazelnut attending?

Delphie (Delphine) (Previously same) - Adopted: February 2023

Delphie is really looking forward to seeing everyone and possibly trying the agility, and definitely socializing!!

Coco (Previously Juliet) - Adopted: March 2023

Coco has missed her brothers from her first day so it would be great to get them back together. We should be there for 10:45.

Nova (Previously Nova) - Adopted: May 2022

Weíre so excited for Sunday!

Hazel (Previously Odessa) - Adopted: October 2021

Rocky (Previously Opie) - Adopted: August 2022

We will be there at 10:45. Hoping to re connect with Otis. Michelle

Sadie (Previously Sasha) - Adopted: February 2019

Sadie would love to see her friendly handlers and say hello and any possible dog friends that were there with her before she was adopted.

Shelby (Previously DoDoo) - Adopted: May 2010

We have attended close to all the "Paws in the Park" gatherings since its beginning - and we adopted Shelby (then DoDee) after meeting her at Paws in the Park 2010. She's simply wonderful and remains a gift to our lives. Our thanks to Shirley and the Save a Dog crew!

Finn (Previously Brady) - Adopted: February 2021

We are looking forward to it!!

Gracie Lou (Previously Ninna) - Adopted: April 2019

I would love to meet the Louisiana rescue person and any other dogs from this amazing operation.

Julie, Buddy

Julie was adopted 5/5/20 from LAMA; Buddy was adopted 11/24/18 from Lizzie in Indiana! They love being Cape Cod dogs. We are all looking forward to meeting Lizzie after years of email friendship.

Gracie Lou (Previously Ninna) - Adopted: April 2019

She came out with her siblings, ball in her mouth. She is now a pro-ball player. I really want to meet her rescuer and her siblings. Gracie Lou is a great dog, loved by all. She is quirky, funny, and is my best friend. Thanks you Save a Dog...

Atlas (Previously Princess) - Adopted: December 2021

So grateful to all of the volunteers who make a beautiful future for our puppy friends. My dog is my Bestie and that is in no small measure to the love that you gave her in transition.

Snoopy (Previously Peaches) - Adopted: October 2015

Snoopy & I canít wait!!!

Nic (Previously Nic Nak) - Adopted: May 2014

"I wouldn't miss Paws in the Park, can't wait to see everyone!" -- xo The Nickins and his Peeps

Sally - Adopted: September 2022

Sally fit right in with our family right from the start. She is such a happy girl and she and Benny get along really well. Thank you Save a Dog!

Benny (Previously Chauncey) - Adopted: July 2021

Benny is such a joy! He adds so much to our family. We are so grateful to Save a Dog for bringing Benny to us!

Gemma (Previously Reba) - Adopted: May 2022

Hi. I really,hope to,find her litter mates. However, I doubt I will be able to arrive much before noon. Iíll bring the Saveadog calendar with the photos of,her litter mates- I hope that will allow me to locate them. Good luck with preparations and weather! Nan stein

Haley (Previously Haley) - Adopted: January 2015

Haley has been the best diamond in the rough, rags to riches rescue/adoption story! We celebrate her and show her our gratitude for coming into our lives every day! Part of that celebration and gratitude is attending Paws In The Park annually.

Bailee - Adopted: September 2015

We're so excited to join the event and meet everyone!

Lucky (Previously Lucky) - Adopted: November 2021

Mr. Lucky and Miss Katie are hoping to be at Paws in the Park this year! Lucky is approaching 17 years old but doing great. Katie is almost blind but is still living the good life. We love our rescues!

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